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Phantastic pastel paintings: Michael Breyette

It's that time of the year when calendars pop out everywhere... and so for the next weeks my weekly erotic art post will be devoted to show you some interesting proposals. First time I discovered Michael Breyette's work was on the cover art for Scott&Scott's Romentic Novels. He moved very well since then and now he has a personal art book, Summer Moved On, published with Bruno Gmunder in April 2007.


Last September the same publisher released Michael's calendar, Michael Breyette 2009


"I grew up in rural upstate NY. Not the most nurturing environment for a budding gay artist. One of my earliest positive experiences as a gay artist took place in my early twenties as an employee at an art supply store. Here I found a close friend in a co-worker named Deana. I was finally able to confide in someone about being gay. The acceptance I received from her was something I had never experienced from anyone in my family. I no longer felt so alone and different from everyone else. After some gentle prodding from Deana, I began to display some of my pieces in the store. I was very pleased when this created interest in my work and even brought me a few commissions. People actually felt I was good enough to be paid for something I loved to do.
So here I was, doing well with the commissions I had garnered. While I was happy that people thought I had talent and wanted me to paint their portraits, I quickly grew dissatisfied with simply painting what others wanted me to paint. I was grateful for the opportunity to earn money at something I loved doing. But it was frustrating not to be able to paint something that made me happy. I slowly began to phase out doing portraits for people, and before long I had all but given up painting. For a few years, I would rarely pick up an art brush or a stick of pastel.
But then I discovered the Internet. I started out by creating a personal website where I mentioned being an artist. That led to people inquiring about my artwork. I soon got the nerve to put up a few pieces. I had been so afraid to share my paintings of nude men with people I knew. But here I was, showing them off to the whole world. It felt so liberating.
In next to no time I started receiving compliments on my style and technique, as well as on the subject matter. I would get emails from other gay men who would tell me how inspiring they found my artwork to be... how refreshing it was to see real artwork featuring nude men, not just more porn on the web. It was around this time that I opted for a change of scenery and moved to Massachusetts. No longer living "back home" where I had allowed my surroundings to stifle my creativity, I was finally able to express myself as I had always wanted. No more hiding behind drawings of women, family portraits or those lovely little landscapes. My passion is the nude male body, and that is what I choose to draw."

More Artists at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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