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Michael Broderick: Just Us Guys

This is the last calendar I will feature you. Michael Broderick's art is funny and outrageous, hardly to display at your work place, but if you have a nice living room, with a high-tech design, why not?

Michael Broderick was born in a dreary town near New York. From time immemorial he was much more interested in his sister’s Barbie doll then any toy cars or football. As soon as he could he turned his back on American bourgeois small-town life and went to New York to study graphic design and illustration. After countless publications of his drawings in MEN and BLUE magazines, this is his first collection!

In July 2008, Bruno Gmunder release Michael Broderick's calendar, Just Us Guys 2008:


Broderick’s mixture of erotic sketches and colored drawings is sexy, horny, piggy – but never vulgar! He dishes out ironic digs at the comic world and traditional gay fantasies. Hot men in pin-up style and occasional fierce sex scenes that all leave you wanting more.

Just Us Guys calendar follows the release in April 2008 of the art book with the same title:


"Broderick's visual fantasies are hot, with nearly every dude engaged in rapacious butt sex [...] But his naughty male pinups are also humorous, as with the bridegroom dominating his best man while his crying bride looks on." --MEN


More Artists at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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