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Michel Giliberti: Sans crisser... sans cris...

This is too beatiful to not re-post. The latest artwork from the awesome French artist Michel Giliberti:

© Giliberti / 2008 / bleus d'attente / 2001

And no, I'm not exagerating, Michel Giliberti's work is stunning, and I absolutely recommend to visit his blog and archive:


He is so kind that you can browse among hundreds of his works.

Sans crisser... sans cris...
Quand il faudra mourir
Dans ce désert sans vent,
Je saurai m’éparpiller
Grains de sable sur ta peau,
Sans crisser…
Sans cris,
C’est… sûr.

Without screech ... without screaming ...
When he will die
In this desert without wind,
I know I will scatter 
Grains of sand on your skin,
Without screech ...
Without shouting,
It's ... safer.

More Artists at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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