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Myles Antony: Soft Focus Imagery

Myles Antony was born and raised in Dublin, where he studied art under the noted Irish painter, Fergus O'Ryan. While still in his teens, Myles moved to - what was then - 'Swinging London'.

Within a short period of time he joined the John Stephen Organisation, founders of the Carnaby Street phenomenon, becoming Art Director after a few years. When the whiz kids of Carnaby Street grew up, Myles moved on to Graphic Design, creating TV logos, record sleeves and movie posters. In 1985 he held his first solo exhibition at the Edinburgh Festival, which was a great success.


"Lovers II" by Myles Antony (Watercolour 2006)

"Brian Boru" by Myles Antony (Watercolour 2007)

"On Palm Beach" by Myles Antony (Watercolour 2007)

"Peter I" by Myles Antony (Watercolour 2008)

"Peter II" by Myles Antony (Watercolour 2008)

Since then he has exhibited yearly at Adonis Art. Together with publications of Myles' work as greetings cards and limited editions, exhibitions have also been held in Amsterdam at the famed Rob Gallery and in Berlin at the Mr B. Gallery.

His works were also selected for exhibition at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, in 1990.

Myles Antony has broken barriers in his bold approach to the use of watercolour, being true to, and in great control of, the medium. The colours he uses, the delicate lines, the soft focus imagery, give his work character and vision. With keenly observed figures in search of an erotic ID, each and every one is a portrait of a real person. The paintings are at times daring and amusing, but always warm and human.


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