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Nebojsa Zdravkovic: Painting from Life

Again tomorrow I will have limited internet connectivity, and so I will post in advance the artist of this week.

Nebojsa Zdravkovic is a creative artist of powerful temperament, noted for his precise drawing skills and dynamic and expressive colour range.

"Eight Sources of Light" by Nebojsa Zdravkovic (Oil Painting)

"Turkish Interior" by Nebojsa Zdravkovic (Oil Painting)

"Siesta" by Nebojsa Zdravkovic (Oil Painting)

"The Bedroom Mirror" by Nebojsa Zdravkovic (Oil Painting)

"Four seasons - Homage to Yiannis Tsarouhis" by Nebojsa Zdravkovic (Oil Painting)

"Reclining Nude with Irises" by Nebojsa Zdravkovic (Oil Painting)

"His Head on the Pillow" by Nebojsa Zdravkovic (Oil painting)

"Morning in Athens" by Nebojsa Zdravkovic (Oil Painting)


His paintings are strikingly original. He paints mainly from life. He is captivated by the play of light on his subjects and their settings, and this is evidenced in the energetic colours he uses to create his effects.

Nebojsa Zdravkovic was born in Belgrade in 1959, he trained in the best art schools and graduated with a Masters Degree. He is now a member of the Association of Serbian Fine Artists. He was granted a scholarship by the Spanish government for post-graduate studies in Madrid. He has won many prizes for his work in his own country and abroad.

His work has been exhibited in many group shows, and he has had several solo exhibitions in London, Paris, Belgrade, Athens and Cyprus, including at Adonis Art in 2002 and 2003. Overall, his paintings have a unique brilliance and atmosphere that make them highly distinctive.


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