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Sven de Rennes: Happy New Year!

To wish to all my friends an Happy New Year I will post on an artist I found recently and that I like a lot. And the he has some nice pictures just right for the season :-)

Name: Sven de Rennes
Born: 25.08.1971
Sign: Virgo/Cancer
Location: Rennes (Brittany, France)

© 2005 Sven de Rennes
Reveillon 2005

© 2003 Sven de Rennes
Père Noël se marrant dans la neige

© 2005 Sven de Rennes
Chant... de bataille

© 2005 Sven de Rennes

© 2003 Sven de Rennes
Couverture de "Une histoire simple" de Roger Vhere Ed. Textes Gais

© 2004 Sven de Rennes
La fenêtre

© 2004 Sven de Rennes
L'An 2104

© 2003 Sven de Rennes
Le Mécanicien

© 2005 Sven de Rennes
Un simple coup de fil

© 2005 Sven de Rennes
Les douches du sauna

© 2004 Sven de Rennes
Moments intimes

© 2004 Sven de Rennes
Après un bain dans la rivière

© 2006 Sven de Rennes - © Bel Ami Online

"I’ve worked as an illustrator under the nom de plume “Sven de Rennes” since march 2002.
Ever since I was a little boy, I thought drawing was a magical power, the way to show others what I imagined or what I had in mind. My goal was to manage to represent all this in the most realistic way possible.
After studying at the art college of Rennes II (Bretagne, France), I became interested in science-fiction and fantasy universes; I was fascinated by the creation or distant worlds, unreal moods, bright cities...
It was in 2002 that I decided to “come out” and took an interest in the gay world. I like playing with erotic situations, sometimes soft, sometimes not so subtle, always trying to incorporate a bit of humour, tenderness and feeling in the bonds between my characters.
As time passes, my subjects evolve, but I know I want to explore and deepen more and more the backgrounds, lights, staging, and, most of all, the mood.
In any case, I hope my illustrations arouse your imagination, send you dreaming, and let you escape for a while. That’s what they’re here for." Sven


More Artists at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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