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Warwick Beecham: The Hedonistic Lifestyle in Australia's Sunny Climate

Contemporary artist of the Australian lifestyle, in 1993 Warwick Beecham (born 1947, Melbourne, Australia) realised a lifelong ambition and switched from an executive accounting career at Warner Roadshow Movie World Studios to full time painting. After studying with one of Australia's foremost painters, Robert Lovett, he was ready in 1996 to mount his first exhibition, which quickly sold out. Warwick's subjects cover a wide range: landscapes, seascapes, still life - but especially figure work. His paintings present the male form relaxing on and around Sydney's famous beaches, a reflection of the hedonistic lifestyle in Australia's sunny climate. Inspired by his childhood at the seaside town of Torquay, Victoria, his collection draws on his early observations of the moods of sea, surf and beach culture.

Summer Encounter, Oil Painting

Dozing, Oil Painting

Abandon, Oil Painting

Summer Dalliance, Oil Painting

Windsurfer, Oil Painting

The Pink Towel, Oil Painting

In the Shallows, Oil Painting

Cooling Off, Oil Painting

At the Deep End, Oil painting

"I interpret the beauty of the male figure in oil paint, becuase for me it is the most striking medium. It also enhances my brushwork, which tends to be strong and thick, and then complements my choice of colours.

Previously, both the colour and tone of my work was more realistic, but for this exhibition I'm now working with a warmer palette. This has permitted a freer interpretation of the subject matter, especially in the paintings of torsos and genitals, which are faceless and without personality.

For me, these are abstracts, and I create them with intense sweeps of the brush. And it's that very brushwork with its manipulation of paint and colour that excites me, such that the subject becomes secondary, almost incidental - until I step back to take a wider view. This switch of lighting technique permits me to convey a certain softness of personality in the figure.

Chiaroscuro, the effect of light and shadow, is another consideration when painting figurework. This is the inspiration for "Dozing" and "At the Deep End". Whereas for "Innocence", with the naked figure gently removing his Speedos, I emphasise the shadows of the sand dunes in relief, rather than those of the figure itself."


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