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William Cash: The Provincetown Series

"My latest body of work, The Provincetown Series, represents the perfect marriage of my conceptual and technical concerns as a painter.

The town is undoubtedly one of the most liberated places in America--men feel a greater freedom here to express themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually. And, the beautiful light of Cape Cod plays perfectly on the male form, illuminating their actions.


Anywhere, William Cash, oil on panel

Afterglow, William Cash, oil on canvas

Chillin', William Cash, oil on panel

Fleeting Moment, Willian Cash, oil on canvas

Long Neek at Long Nook, William Cash, oil on canvas


It is not enough for me to simply depict the physical beauty of men, their internal lives must also come into play. I try to invest all of my figures with an emotional and spiritual life beyond the confines of the painted canvas." William Cash


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