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The Romantic Fantasies of Yuliang Wu

Yuliang Wu was born in Xi'an, the ancient capital of China (home of the terracotta army). He began drawing from an early age encouraged by his father, a leading architect. He later studied fashion design and graphics, obtaining his degree from Xi’an University. Some of his initial work has been published in magazines and publications in China.
He came in England in 2002 and now lives in London developing his skills and broadening his experience.

"First Kiss II" by Yuliang Wu (Oil Painting)

"First Kiss" by Yulaing Wu (Oil Painting)

''Behind Blue Eyes III" by Yuliang Wu (Oil painting)

''Together and Always" by Yuliang Wu (Oil painting)

''Naked Lover" by Yuliang Wu (Oil painting)

"Morning Ablutions"By Yuliang Wu (Oil painting

''Morning Shower" by Yuliang Wu (Oil painting)

''In the Steam Room" By Yuliang Wu (Oil painting)
The figures are often caught in intimate moments, their beauty captured with strong brushwork, creating a brilliant palette of light and shade.
Since coming to London, Yuliang has pursued his life-long passion to paint the male figure. His paintings are romantic fantasies in a style all of his own. When you first see one of his paintings you can feel the intense sexual attraction of the male form. Yuliang's work is very popular with clients worldwide.


And now the proof that I probably have to stop to wander around on the net in searchh of men candy for you:

"Innocence" by Yuliang Wu (Oil Painting)

The man above is Alberto Apocada in a photo by Jeff Brewster; Alberto is in my stable of man candy waiting to be posted for more than 1 year. I wonder if he knows that he is become an Asian man in a oil painting... And here is another of the reindering by this artist:

"Between Bouts" by Yuliang Wu (Oil painting)

Pity I don't know the source for the second picture...

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