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Anthony Gayton: Harem

Sometime I post for an appointment, and sometime I post since something caught my eyes... and Anthony Gayton's work definitely caught them! He is not only a photographer, so I can post him on my Man Candy day, and he is for sure an artist, but not a painter, so I don't know if it would be correct to post him on Thursday... and so I decided to follow the spur of the moment, and post him random, today!

Anthony Gayton shot a beautiful piece called Harem. About this work he said: "The Harem is a composite of locations I shot in Istanbul and Uzbekistan, and the Kaiserbründl Sauna in Vienna. I've been working on this picture since October 2008! The casting was vital, as I wanted to have a single model, who represented absolute physical perfection and sensuality. Sebastian was certainly worth the wait!" The main model on the shot is Sebastian Pils.

Detail of Harem by Anthony Gayton

Harem by Anthony Gayton

Detail of Harem by Anthony Gayton 

Detail of Harem by Anthony Gayton

"Ever since the Victorians first began to "truthfully" record on film the existence of fairies, ghosts and other such creatures of the spirit world, it became evident that the claim of photography as a window on the real world was tenuous to say the least."

"At university in London, we were taught the veracity of photography, and it was considered our duty to record the world around us exactly as we found it. Any form of image manipulation was looked upon with extreme disapproval, and the dizzy, superficial realms of fashion photography considered the ultimate sin; it represented the triumph of style over meaning."

"Coming from art school, this puritanical attitude seemed to me not only scarily comformist, but absurdily naive. To me, the beauty of photography lay exactly in its ability to surprise, and contradict itself, to challenge perceptions of the real and invent new truths by telling convincing lies. I determined to follow the Victorian fantasists view of photography, and quickly set about with abandon, photographing unicorns, mermaids and centaurs (albeit with the more primitive methods available at the time)."

Self-Portrait by Anthony Gayton

"At the time, I thought I had learned nothing of any practical use during my time at university. Certainly we had had little or no contact to the industry, and within two weeks as an assistant, I had learned more technically than I had in those three years. In retrospect, I can see that what had been stimulated ie. a sense of conscience and consciousness, was as vital a part of creativity as technical skill and a knowledge of history and culture."

"It then took me eight years to pick up where I had left off. Althought my work since has undoubtedly been heavily influenced by my experiences as photographer's assistant in the fashion and advertising industry, much of my work echoes the interests and themes which had already occupied me in the past."


In July 2005 Te Neues released an art book by Anthony Gayton "Sinners & Saints":


Saints & Sinners by Anthony Gayton

Saints & Sinners by Anthony Gayton

Saints & Sinners by Anthony Gayton

Saints & Sinners by Anthony Gayton

More Photographers at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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