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Heavenly Bodies by David Vance

For the series sexy 2010 calendar on your wall, after Dylan Rosser and Rick Day, this week I would like to feature the work of David Vance.

Along with photographing men, David Vance is also a successful advertising photographer as well as editorial contributor in Cosmopolitan, Rolling Stone, Interview and Men’s Health, among others. A list of some of the stars he has photographed includes such luminaries as William Baldwin, Toni Braxton, Gloria Estefan and Sophia Loren. His two books published by Bruno Gmünder have been sold with great success. An alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology, David maintains his studio base in his hometown of Miami, Florida.


This year David Vance released a new coffee table book, Heavenly Bodies: David Vance seeks to make his models appear like Greek statues—and succeeds with brilliance. Every picture is a piece of timeless art that you want to blow up and hang on your wall.

Amazon: Heavenly Bodies

And to avoid people to ruin the coffee table book, Bruno Gmunder released the calendar with the same title, Heavenly Bodies 2010 Calendar. In addition to the very successful small size (21 x 28 cm / 8 ½ x 11”) there is also a calendar double the size (28 x 42 cm / 11 x 16 ½”) with wire-o-binding.

Amazon: Heavenly Bodies 2010 Calendar

Heavenly Bodies is a "sequel" of David Vance's previous book, Timeless: men of timeless elegance presented in classic and romantic poses - muscular bodies of immaculate beauty in gorgeous black-and-white photography. If you wanted to create living images of the statues of divinities, the real men shown here help make a reality of that fantasy. This is a classic imagery, which through the modern men in the images in no way seems dated. David Vance`s photographs resonate with a dynamic tranquility, a quiet passion. They are at once sensual and strong, haunting and insiring. They reflect a deep appreciation of classic painting and sculpture, and a great love of beauty.

Amazon - Hardcover: Timeless

Amazon - Softcover: Timeless

The first coffee table book by David Vance was Attractions: David Vance is combining powerful masculinity and sensuality in his pictures like no other photographer. His classic-beautiful men were caught in moments of everyday life and tranquillity and own a dreamy ponderosity. His pictures are expressions of gay desire and gay aesthetics, his portraits are seductive and unique. A photo-book that will lure you into the empire of dreams. An erotic piece of art by one of the most important American men-photographers. An absolutely attraction.

Amazon - Hardcover: Attractions

Amazon - Softcover: David Vance: Best of Attractions (Postcardbooks)

One of the favorite models of David Vance is Nathan Wessel. Nathan Wessel, 25 years old from South Dakota, posed as an angel for David Vance, but also as Mercury, the Gods’ messenger. From South Dakota to the modelling world there is a big distance, but Nathan, after linking up with photographer Dennis Dean, found himself right in the heart of Modeling, exploring and discovering life to the fullest.

"Whatever my girlfriend tells me I don't look like a freak in is my fashion style. :) I'm a T-shirt and jeans kind of guy. But I love hats. I usually always wear one."

Nathan was discovered in a and he describes himself as being shy with a 'wild side' while sharing a fondness for karate, volleyball, and basketball. He has already worked with a lot of famous photographers, including, other than David Vance, also Hector Rodriguez, Lope Navo and Ceasar Contreras.

"I've been very lucky to work with some amazing photographers (David Vance, Hector Rodriguez, Louis Skaigen to name a few) and every shoot I've done has shown me something new. I think the best lesson I've gotten from all of them is confidence. It really comes across on camera if you are nervous or unsure. Own every shot and remember that if they didn't think you could do it, you wouldn't be in front of their camera."

When asked about who the real Nathan is when unmasked, Nathan revealed, "A laid back farm boy. I'm pretty easy going and low key. I spend a lot of my time just hanging out with my friends and girlfriend. Miami can get pretty crazy so it’s nice to just fade out of the party scene and decompress. The best thing about Modeling is being able to become someone else in front of the camera. Its a great creative outlet and a great way to meet other creative people. I love making art."

Probably one of the most famous shoot by David Vance of the last year was Levi Kissing Paul.

Levi, born and raised in a small town in the Rocky Mountains, lives in Miami and started his career at the age of 24. He hit of right away, with a runway show in London as one of his first assignment, and a contract for Abercrombie & Fitch. Over the years Levi has graced the covers and spreads of many magazines, like Target, L’Uomo Vogue and DNA, and worked with a large amount of international renowned photographers. He has his own website where he shows more of himself – and not only professional photos – for a small membership.


Enjoy Levi in the photo shoot he did for the gay resort in Key West, Island House (thank you tizi17), photography by Jason Rowan, design by Greg Needham:


Paul Francis, 1st generation American, born from Colombian and British parents in Philadelphia, is 28 years old, and eventually moved to Miami Beach, where he started his career as model/actor as well as a dancer in several professional performances. Paul’s whole life has been a chain of creative expressions. He has been drawing since he was 3, dancing since he was 8, acting since he was 16 and modeling – only – since he was 25. He actually never thought he would end up modeling, but since it is another medium of performance for him, it totally fits his character and ambition.

“I've been modeling for about 3 years now. I'm represented by several agencies; Wilhelmina Miami, Action Management in Athens, Traffic Models in Barcelona and Q Models in NYC. More to come as I continue my journey. I love to travel, and modeling really facilitates that, so it's a perfect way for me to make ONE of my dreams come true: To see the world. I love to draw/paint and create art. Performance art is my passion in life. I started dancing when I was 10, which evolved into theater in high school. Modeling to me is just another medium of performing, so it allows me to do one of the things I love the most as a profession. Some designers I aspire to work for are Dolce & Gabbana and Tom Ford. I would also like to forward my acting through more theater and television work, as well as hone my dancing craft in music videos, concerts and showcases. I'm essentially "an artist at heart" in every sense of the phrase. It's my life.”

It was the modeling work that brought Paul Francis to Europe. For 2 months and half he lived and worked in Athens, and moved to Barcelona after that where he settled down for another 4 months. Irony has it that it was here when he met Levi Poulter for the first time, even though Levi lives in Miami, like Paul at the time. There was an instant connection between the two sexy men, even though their meeting was brief, and when they unexpectedly met again at a fashion event in Miami, they decided to do a project together.

Paul Francis is on the cover of Refresh magazine, April 2008, by photographer Frank Louis wearing the designers of the extremely talented Christopher Uvenio.

More Photographers at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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