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Man Candy: Dwain Leland, Nic Haas & Trevor Wayne by Justin Monroe

Justin Monroe is not new to the pages of my LJ, I like him, well, since he has my same passion, that is... well... let us say that part of the male body that usually doesn't receive many attention in picture! I believe that if you take a look to the pictures I will post you will understand better ;-) Anyway, I already featured in the past two models who are in Justin Monroe's coffetable book, Down the Rabbit Hole, and they are Vincent Palazzolo (http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/407344.html) and Ziv (http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/378388.html): take a look to their post, it's worth. Today instead I will like to feature other three models, Dwain Leland, Nic Haas and Trevor Wayne. As usual I see a lot these models pictures around the net, but seldom I see their names... so here is a little bit about them. Warning: I put under a cut Justin Monroe's pictures since they are a bit not work safe

Amazon: Down the Rabbit Hole

Justin Monroe's Down the Rabbit Hole

Justin Monroe's Down the Rabbit Hole (Model: Lucky Daniels)

Justin Monroe's Down the Rabbit Hole

Justin Monroe's Down the Rabbit Hole

Justin Monroe's Down the Rabbit Hole

Justin Monroe's Down the Rabbit Hole

Justin Monroe's Down the Rabbit Hole

Justin Monroe's Down the Rabbit Hole

“I am Dwain Leland, a model being captured on camera and film for physique, character, and fashion projects. Modeling has always been a sort of creative release for me that serves to fulfill passions that have been left untouched by my education (Texas A&M University and Cardozo Law NYC), full-time career as a legal contract administrator at Stanford, or my freelance work as a graphic designer here in Silicon Valley. Recent successes and interest from the industry, however, have turned my eyes toward something greater than modeling being only a part-time candy store for me. Now, I am expanding my portfolio in leaps and bounds as never before, and struggling to find time to relax amidst photographic assignments and traveling. It's becoming clear that the inertia building up inside this dream is making it possible for me to have a career here. Do you want to join me in the dream? Let me know what sort of quality projects you have in mind, and let's get down to work.”

Dwain Leland by Bill McClaren

Dwain Leland by Justin Monroe

Dwain Leland by George Starr

Dwain Leland by Mark Jenkins

Dwain Leland by Thomas Mitchell

Dwain Leland by Thomas Mitchell

Dwain Leland by Thomas Mitchell

Dwain Leland by Thomas Mitchell

Dwain appeared in Justin Monroe's "Down the Rabbit Hole" (two stories "Welcome to the Doll House" and "Black Rabbit"). He was ModelLaunch Fitness Finalist -- Fall 2005, in a 2004 episode of "Rescue Me" and in a 2005 Q4 ad campaign for Gay.com (a subsidiary of Planet Out, Inc). Photographed by artists like Justin Monroe, Mark Jenkins and Thomas Mitchell, he is now modeling for a character in an upcoming full-length animated feature film.

@ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/dwainleland

Nic Haas is a 28 year old guy from Wisconsin. In 2001, he quit college wrestling to join the Air Force for 4 years, and then moved to California, where he got serious about modeling and acting. He quickly learned all the basics, from building up a perfect tan to getting that insidious body fat down, fine-tuning his looks along the way, with no less than 7 bodymods. He shoot with Tom Cullis and he is on the cover of “Down the Rabbit Hole” by Justin Monroe. On the movie industry front, Nic’s first movie as screenwriter, “Gingerdeadman II: The Passion of the Crust,” was just released on DVD, and will act in “GI Joe” in summer 2009. Meanwhile Nic does exotic dancing in Hollywood bars, owns a rent-a-stripper company, and is a superhero at night (according to his MySpace profile…).

Nic Haas by Justin Monroe

Nic Haas by Justin Monroe

Nic Haas by Justin Monroe

Nic Haas by Martin Ryter Studio

Nic Haas by Oblak Photo

Nic Haas by Oblak Photo

“I started in this industry shooting artistic and fitness, decided to give up heavy lifting and thin out a little bit and found out it doesn't go away over nite. LOL. I do it all and I'm putting most of my effort into modeling and acting right now with new shoots, cold reading acting classes, commercial classes and private coaching. I'm new to Hollywood. I left the Air Force two years ago and graduated college this year with an English Major. I'm also currently working on three screenplays, fun! I love Hollywood! I'm looking to meet new, exciting, creative people. I'm willing to travel just about anywhere. Let me know if you're interested in shooting, or at least say hi!”

@Nic Haas: http://www.nichaas.com/
@ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/nichaas

Trevor Wayne (born February 17, 1978) has been photographed by Justin Monroe for DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE and by Eric Schnabel for NIGHT VISIONS. And he is the tattoo artist in Pink's video clip SO WHAT! He worked also with legendary horror artist Clive Barker.

“Every tattoo I have ever gotten just hit me. I'd just have the idea and it would click, like it was meant to be. Any tattoo I had to think about longer than a week I never got. When I'm sure about something, I'm sure! Still to this day 12 years after my first tattoo, I don't regret it. I really don't believe I ever will. As an actor/model they have helped in some ways and hurt in others. Me personally I don't think about them. Every shoot I do I don't even see the tattoos. I don't want to glide by on using them. I want to make photos and videos where the tattoos are secondary to the project, not the main focus. I think using tattoos as the main focus is easy and not challenging, and expected. I feel I've done a great job when I look at a photo and think it would be just as good as if I wasn't tattooed.”

Trevor Wayne by Marc Cartwright Photo

Trevor Wayne by Justin Monroe

Trevor Wayne by Austin Young

Trevor Wayne by Clive Barker

Trevor Wayne by Clive Barker

Trevor Wayne by Glen Hanson

“I LOVE COMEDY!! I love playing a spaz or goof ball. I'm not afraid to look stupid for the sake of a laugh. If anything I love it more because it goes against what you'd expect from my look. My first real chance was on a sitcom, another pilot, where actress Brenda Blethyn (The Witches, Atonement) was crying to me about her divorce. You see the back of me and assume I'm some badass tattooed guy who probably doesn't care. Then they cut to the front and I'm crying even harder than her! Then it's she who has to calm me down. We did that in front of a live studio audience and I still get a high when I think about it! The energy and laughter was incredible. I want to play the fun guy, or slapstick comedy guy. There's so much negativity out there as it is. I'd rather put a smile on someone's face - even at my own expense- than to have someone afraid I'm going to mug them!”

@Trevor Wayne: http://www.trevorwayneshow.com/
@ModelMayhem: http://www.modelmayhem.com/TrevorWayne

About Justin Monroe: Sometimes Justin Monroe seems to be the last artist left on earth whose work looks as if its creator sincerely believes that human beings are more god-like than animal-like. During the age in when most art presents the body as a visual mode of objectification and suffering, it is not surprising to find that many viewers are completely perplexed about how to respond to Justin Monroe and his work. “Is he being completely ironic,” one is often asked, or could his work be concealing more critical intentions? Perhaps it just all adds up to high camp silliness with its relentless focus on surface beauty and decoration, or maybe he is the final holdout from some distant dream state, intent on capturing the sublime beauty and complexity of the human form and holding it up for the world inspection.

Like other artists whose work leaves an extremely appealing first impression, Justin Monroe sometimes appears to thrive on being misunderstood. With his sense of drama and astonishing subject matter, he leaves you questioning everything you thought you knew. With the success of his debut book DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE, and the soon to be released new book BEAUTIFUL. His accomplishments seem to be unstoppable. Always sexually driven and never apologetic has become Monroe’s trade mark. At the thematic core of Monroe’s art is a satirical, knowingly critical look at the human propensity for addition, voracious predation, compulsive pleasure-seeking, and other forms of extreme behaviour. He explores these timeless themes in his inimitably sardonic, dark-hued fashion, in vividly realized images that unsettle as they entertain.

@Justin Monroe: http://www.justinmonroe.com/

More Photographers at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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