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Man Candy Day: Household Idols by Mark Henderson

We arrived to the last of the 2010 Calendar appointment. Last year Bruno Gmunder pointed to the illustration, this year was the time of photography. The last artist/photographer I will feature is Mark Henderson. I really like the rich colors of Henderson and also the choice of unusual male models. They are so various and interesting that I had big problem to choose among them. In the end I used almost a Solomonic's choice: Dante said that 35 years old is the mid of the life path, and so 3 models are over 35 (and note that Dino is 49 years old!) and 3 are under 35 (with Marcus, 20 years old).

Bryan Seth

Landon Mycles

Daniel Ray

By education and profession Mark Henderson is an art historian specializing in Northern and Southern European painting of the 17th century, so it is no coincidence that in his own work he is often drawn to the expressive colors and chiaroscuro effects employed by many of the great Baroque painters. Although Mark wouldn't characterize his photographs as particularly Baroque or directly referential to art history at all, his first-hand exposure to and close study of great works of art must surely have influenced his work in some very subtle way. Mark has occasionally travelled to the desert and other remote outdoor locations for photo shoots, but he has always drawn back to the tranquil, relaxed atmosphere of a home where he can create images in which the models can be admired, indeed idolized, in a more private and personal way. Mark is living in Los Angeles.

Chris Rockway

Alex Westfalen

Alex Westfalen

Alex Westfalen

Landon Mycles

Landon Mycles


Dustin Eilertsen


Chris Rockway

Chris Rockway


Kristoffer Ryan

Dino Hillas

Bryan Seth

Damon Danilo

Damon Danilo

Damon Danilo

Reese Rideout

Reese Rideout

Dylan McLovin

Sam Devries

Simon Czaplinski

How do men become idols? And how can we get close to them? Mark Henderson places beautiful, unreachable men in a domestic ambience. Bedrooms, kitchens and gardens become backdrops of sexual attraction, and all of a sudden these men seem touchable. This is why Henderson shot most of them in his private home; color manipulation makes the ambient new every time. Mark Henderson prefers luscious colors and harsh contrasts to enhance the immediateness of his photographs. He colors individual items on monochrome works to set them apart.

Amazon: Household Idols (Bruno Gmunder Verlag)

What happens when you take a 17th century Art Historian, hand him a camera along with a couple of the most gorgeous models around, and allow him total free reign in a beautiful home setting? Well, the answer of course is laid out right before you. Introducing the stunning culmination of photographer Mark Henderson's work, Household Idols. -- justbeautifulmen

A Book filled with beautiful men in satured colored environments, that look like real time paintings. -- www.beautifulmag.eu

The 2010 Household Idols Calendar offers a pick choice of the above coffee table book. Mark Henderson offers 12 brilliantly staged insights to the “household” side of immaculate beauty.

Amazon: Household Idols 2010 Calendar (Multilingual Edition)

Mark Henderson is ready with a new coffee table book that will be out in May 2010. For his new project, SUBURBAN PLEASURES, Henderson abstains from gaudiness and focuses on a very reduced urbane ambiance. Unchanged are the unbelievably good looking models Henderson chooses and his inclination to re-color singular elements in his photographs. Eyecatching effects and heavenly men compete for attention—in the end the universal artwork wins, the sexy genial style of Henderson, who walks entirely new paths in male act photography.

Amazon: Suburban Pleasures

And enjoy a little insight for some of Mark Henderson's models.

Dino Hillas, 49 years old, from Los Angeles. “Having been a fashion model in the late 70's - 80's, now, well into my 40's and having competed, I would like to do more fitness modeling while I am in shape. Fitness magazines, editorial and of course a cover or two..again.”


Vic Rocco, 41 years old, from Columbus, Ohio. “I really like to get in front of the camera and see what the photographer and I can make together. I especially love the WOW factor that can happen. I like my modeling to be fun and I hope that it shows in my work. I want to be the best that I can be for whomever hires me. I am pretty much up for trying anything (yes, I will get nude). I am not afraid to experience new things and for a man over 40, I am quite flexible (so I have been told). I really like working in front of the camera and don't tire easily. I am very easy to work with and hope to make the photographer very happy. I will even bring a surprise with me to the shoot. I am willing to do fitness, underwear, nudes or fashion. I like the shoots to be fun and to learn more as I go along. If you have a crazy idea in mind, don't hesitate to ask me about it. I am out to be the best that I can be.”


Alex Westfalen, 39 years old, from Cologne, Germany. “Interested in modeling all over the world. Flight attendant in Germany with ability to travel.”


Bryan Seth, 30 years old, from New York. “My name is Bryan and I am a fitness/physique model from New York. I am very passionate about my work and keeping my body in top shape. I hold a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and I am a certified personal trainer. I would like to continue working with other great photographers and stay in touch with the one's that I've already had the pleasure of working with. My primary focus is on fitness/physique modeling, but I am open to other creative and artistic projects as well.”


Reese Rideout, 27 years old, from Los Angeles. “If you book me for a shoot, you will get one of the funnest, most enthusiastic, and professional models you've ever had. You'll also have no trouble asking me to do a certain pose because I'm very open. Plus this is my full time job so the condition of the body that will be in front of you, will make you and your camera more than Happy! From the symmetry of the muscles to a wonderful seamless tan, white teeth, very natural crotch hair, arm pit hair, anal hair etc. I like to joke, yet I was speaking the truth about all the hair loactions and amounts. haha So please do not delay photographers lets set up a shoot today, and make some photos to last a lot longer than we do!!!”


Landon Mycles (Marcus), 20 years old, from Cotati, California. “I'm down-to-earth and real easy to work with, I take direction well and will always do what needs to be done. My goal is to do more print and studio work.” Marcus is one of Mark Henderson’s favorite models. They started working together about two years ago, when Marcus was 18 years old, is bright and always happy and according to Mark a delight to photograph. Marcus currently resides in San Francisco where he studies to become a personal trainer while at the same time works on his modeling career.


More Photographers at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, My Ramblings/Art

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