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Advertising on my website (elisarolle.com)

With the new year, 2014, I decided to put some banners (2 top banners, fixed, 4 side menu banners, rotating) on the home page of my website: www.elisarolle.com; you can already see where those banners will be placed. Be aware that 1 top banner is already booked for all 2014.

The website is entirely devoted to LGBT history, literature and show business, and I will accept only advertising from LGBT authors and publishers of fiction and non fiction. The space for the banners will remain the same, no more than those you can already see.

If you are interested, I can provide you daily, monthly and yearly statistics on the website.

Ads are available on a monthly basis. If you are interested, please contact me at elisa_rolle@livejournal.com

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