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Brent Hartinger & Michael Jensen

Brent Hartinger is an American author, playwright, and screenwriter, best known for his novels about gay teenagers. Hartinger lives in Seattle with his husband, novelist and writer Michael Jensen. They had a commitment ceremony on July 22, 1996 and married on December 28, 2012. In 1990, he helped co-found Oasis, one of the nation's first support organization for gay teens, in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington. He is a co-founder of AS IF! Authors Support Intellectual Freedom, a group of Young Adult authors supporting intellectual freedom. He also worked as a counselor at a youth group home.

Hartinger was born in 1972 in Washington State and grew up in Tacoma, Washington. He earned a bachelor's degree from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, and studied for a masters in psychology at Western Washington University.

Hartinger has published nine novels. His first novel was Geography Club, about teenagers who secretly start a gay-straight alliance at their high school. It has been challenged in some American schools, including a school in Hartinger's home town of Tacoma.

Hartinger has published three sequels to the book, with at least one more forthcoming.

A feature film version of Geography Club has been filmed, starring Scott Bakula, Nikki Blonski, Ana Gasteyer, Cameron Deane Stewart, and Justin Deeley. It is set for a 2013 release.

Brent Hartinger is an author, playwright, and screenwriter. Hartinger lives in Seattle with his husband, novelist and writer Michael Jensen.  Their anniversary is on February 5, 1992. They had a commitment ceremony on July 22, 1996 and married on December 28, 2012. In 1990, Brent helped co-found Oasis, one of the nation's first support organization for gay teens, in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington. He is a co-founder of AS IF! Authors Support Intellectual Freedom, a group of Young Adult authors supporting intellectual freedom.

Hartinger is the author of many plays, including a stage adaptation of Geography Club, which has received regional productions in Tacoma, Salt Lake City, Edmonton, and elsewhere. A feature film version of his play The Starfish Scream, which has also received many regional productions (and was twice produced Off-Off Broadway in New York), is in active development for a possible 2014 release.

Hartinger's other books, mostly young adult mysteries or thrillers, include Project Sweet Life, Grand & Humble, The Last Chance Texaco, and Shadow Walkers. The first three of these are not gay-themed.

Hartinger is a sometime-member of the faculty of Vermont College's MFA program. He also once taught creative writing at Tacoma School of the Arts.

Hartinger co-founded the gay entertainment website AfterElton.com with Michael Jensen and Sarah Warn. The site was sold to MTV/Viacom in 2006.

Geography Club and its four existing and forthcoming sequels comprise The Russel Middlebrook Series.

The second book in the series, The Order of the Poison Oak, describes the main characters' experiences at summer camp.

The series' third book, Double Feature: Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies/Bride of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies, was originally published under the title Split Screen. It tells the story of the main characters working as extras on a zombie film, portraying the same two-week period from two very different points of view: the first from Russel ("Attack of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies"), and the second from Russel's bisexual friend Min ("Bride of the Soul-Sucking Brain Zombies").

The fourth book in the series, The Elephant of Surprise, tells the story of Russel's involvement with a handsome but mysterious homeless activist.

The author has hinted at the possibility of a fifth book in the series, possibly set five years ahead, with Russel in college.

Geography Club (2003) is included in my Best XXI century Gay Novels (2000-2009).

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brent_Hartinger
I consider The Geography Club by Brent Hartinger to be ‘must read’ for gay or questioning teens and their parents —and for everyone else as well. The story follow the lives of gay teens, trying to find their place in the world, bonding with unlikely friends, and coming to terms with their sexuality—in some cases, a slow and painful realization. It's beautifully written, and tug at the heartstrings without being overly sentimental. --J.P. Bowie
The first book in Brent Hartinger's YA series, Geography Club, has joined a venerable list: books often banned by libraries. I wish a library would ban my books. You can't buy that kind of publicity. But Brent didn't really need the extra help. His excellent books drew an audience all on their own. His characters are flawed and realistic. They don't always make the best decision or get perfect, fairytale endings, but they grow because of that. Just like real life... --Josh Aterovis
Is it just me, or does some of the finest LGBTQ lit out at the moment seem to be in the YA genre? A group of teens wish to form a Gay-Straight Alliance at their local high school, but don’t wish to be so open about it so they name it the “Geography Club” so nobody else will join because they’ll assume it to be too boring and therefore it won’t draw attention to itself. As Russ says, “who will want to join that?” The wonderful thing about this book is how realistic the teenagers and their actions are, although good kids they sometimes do ‘bad’ things in order to protect themselves. Of course the club won’t remain secret for long, and so far there are two sequels that are just as enjoyable to read. --Sean Kennedy
Michael Jensen is the author of two historical horror novels, Frontiers (2000) and its sequel Firelands (2004), which was nominated for a Lambda Literary Award. In 2005 he co-founded and became the editor of AfterElton.com, which covered pop culture for gay and bisexual men. In 2006, the site was sold along with AfterEllen.com to MTV/Viacom in a multimillion dollar deal. AfterElton.com eventually grew to a million unique visitors a month and won two awards for outstanding journalism from the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. In 2011, he left AfterElton.com to return to writing horror fiction full time.

He lives in Seattle, WA with his partner, writer Brent Hartinger.

Frontiers (2000) is included in my Best XXI century Gay Novels (2000-2009).

Days of Love: Celebrating LGBT History One Story at a Time by Elisa Rolle
Paperback: 760 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (July 1, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1500563323
ISBN-13: 978-1500563325
CreateSpace Store: https://www.createspace.com/4910282
Amazon (Paperback): http://www.amazon.com/dp/1500563323/?tag=elimyrevandra-20
Amazon (Kindle): http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00MZG0VHY/?tag=elimyrevandra-20

Days of Love chronicles more than 700 LGBT couples throughout history, spanning 2000 years from Alexander the Great to the most recent winner of a Lambda Literary Award. Many of the contemporary couples share their stories on how they met and fell in love, as well as photos from when they married or of their families. Included are professional portraits by Robert Giard and Stathis Orphanos, paintings by John Singer Sargent and Giovanni Boldini, and photographs by Frances Benjamin Johnson, Arnold Genthe, and Carl Van Vechten among others. “It's wonderful. Laying it out chronologically is inspired, offering a solid GLBT history. I kept learning things. I love the decision to include couples broken by death. It makes clear how important love is, as well as showing what people have been through. The layout and photos look terrific.” Christopher Bram “I couldn’t resist clicking through every page. I never realized the scope of the book would cover centuries! I know that it will be hugely validating to young, newly-emerging LGBT kids and be reassured that they really can have a secure, respected place in the world as their futures unfold.” Howard Cruse “This international history-and-photo book, featuring 100s of detailed bios of some of the most forward-moving gay persons in history, is sure to be one of those bestsellers that gay folk will enjoy for years to come as reference and research that is filled with facts and fun.” Jack Fritscher

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