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Cheating Chance by James Buchanan

Nick is an agent for the Eletronic Services for Gaming Control at Las Vegas and he is also a goth guy with long black hair, fangs like a vampire and an heaser for car. If not for his tanned skin of Native American descendant, he would be the perfect vampire. At a goth convention he meets Brandon, a cop from North California. After a night of passion Brandon says they can see again but that he is in the closet at home and he is not ready or willing to correct this position. And Nick is rebounding after a bad breakup with his last lover. Not the best fundaments for starting a lasting relationship but they try.

But Brandon's attitude when they are in public, his continuing flirting with girls, and the murder of one of Nick's former colleague, soon after they spoke on phone, puts Nick on top of suspects.

Both Brandon and Nick are difficult characters. They are not typical, not full good heroes and not at all bad boy. In looks they are maybe more bad boy, but Nick is also a sentimental character. He is jelaous and he is still trying to overcome the inferiority's feeling left him by his former lover. And the reaction he has when said former lover pissed him off is a clearly proof of his sentimental and hot nature.

Brandon instead is like Dr Jeckill and Mr Hyde: he can be soo sweet and loving when he is alone with Nick, and then so cold and detached when he is in public. Maybe not the right choice for one like Nick that in this moment would need a bit of reassurance. But still Brandon manages to outweight the bad moments with the good ones: in the end not having him is a lot worst than having him with some issue they have to overcome.

Cheating Chance is a good thriller, more adventure than romance, and even if the sex is a bit kink and there is a good bondage scene, it's not overly erotic (and it's not a complaint, I want to say that there is a good mix of sex and story...)


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Cover Art by Pluto
Tags: author: james buchanan, genre: contemporary, length: novel, review, theme: bondage submission, theme: cops

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