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Penelope Friday (born January 13)

Penelope Friday hates writing bios because she never quite knows how to describe the eclectic mixture of things she writes about. Her particular strengths are erotic fiction (of all sexualities) and articles on disability issues - but she also writes science fiction, romantic stories, articles on the Regency Period, articles on writing and a lot more besides.

Thrace won a 2011 Rainbow Award as Best Bisexual / Transgender Sci-fi/Paranormal/Fantasy.

Source: www.goodreads.com/author/show/3004448.Penelope_Friday

Further Readings:

Thrace by Penelope Friday
ebook, 174 pages
Published 2010 by Manifold Press
ISBN 97809565

Welcome to the planet Gielgud, crossroads of the galaxy, where the indigenous species has three eyes, a tail - and no gender.
Welcome to the city of Thrace; travellers of all kinds wander through here. Most are just looking for a good time, free of the restrictions of their own cultures, but some of them have a more specific agenda in mind.
And welcome to JJ's bar, where all genders and those who are genderless are welcome. This is where adventures tend to start ...

More Rainbow Awards at my website: http://www.elisarolle.com/, Rainbow Awards/2011

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