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The Real Story Safe Sex Project

Would you like a free-download story by bestselling author Brent Hartinger? Yes! it's easy go there: http://brenthartinger.com/therealstory/, and download it, not strings attached... but if you are also an author and would like to participate to this project, other than downloading the story, stop and read the page ;-)

This is what Brent told me, and that I'm more than happy to share: "I've started a new project, it's called The Real Story Safe Sex Project. You can read more about it here:


I want to promote the idea of safe sex among gay and bi teens and twentysomethings by having characters from books (and other media) deal with the issue in some way.

I'm asking all my author-friends to write safe-sex-related stories, then upload them and make them available for free as e-books. Eventually I'd like to compile some of the stories into an anthology of some sort, and if there are any profits, that can be donated to charity.

My own story includes some facts about HIV/AIDS, but that's not a good template for what I have in mind. My thinking was, I sort of deal with "the facts" in my story (along with some hopefully hot sex), then for the most part, the other authors can concentrate on being funny, or touching, or fun, or thought-provoking, or sexy, or whatever.

There's no point in doing these stories unless people want to read them, right?

Preferably, folks will publish these stories themselves, but for those who might be new to self-publishing or e-publishing, I've assembled a team of volunteer graphic designers to help with book jackets, and I'm also willing to help out with the coding and uploading (and can even publish the stories under my own publishing house, if need be).

I've worked with LGBT teens for years, and I really believe in this cause -- and I think it's really pressing, especially these last few years, since a lot of people have stopped talking about safe sex. I have no idea if this project is going to take off or go anywhere, but I'm optimistic it will. And even if it doesn't, I've already received a number of emails that are very gratifying."

So what you are waiting? read, write and spread the word, would you?

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