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Ethan (Alluring Indulgence) by Nicole Edwards

For two months atop of the Best sellers list in Gay & Lesbian Erotica, Ethan was a book that picked my curiosity; I didn’t realized until I was basically clicking the buy button this was a 5th book in a series, and that the previous books are a various mix of ménages a trois, heterosexual romances, and now, with Ethan, strictly gay romance. Just to recap, I seem to understand that Ethan’s brother, Travis, is married to a woman, Kylie, but is also in a committed relationship with Gage; Kaleb, another brother, is married to Zoey, and from what I gathered, their is the only “ordinary” relationship, aside for a penchant for exhibitionism; Zane, the third brother, and Beau’s best friend, is married with V., but he was used to have ménages a trois with the same Beau, and he had one with his own wife and Beau, before this late decision that he wanted to find real love, and that with Zane was only a deep friendship, but not the real thing. BTW, the author hasn’t yet told their story, but there are also two twin brothers, and maybe there is something boiling there…

So yes, this author is exploring all the taboos of erotica, and is developing all the variations inside the same family, the Walker brothers, living in a small Texan town, and owning the local private, and adult club, Alluring Indulgence.

Considering I’m not a big fan of pure erotica, I was a little weary of reading this story, especially when it started at the club, on a New Year’s Eve, with Beau witnessing Ethan having sex with his own boyfriend, Blake. True, Blake wasn’t really a nice character, and it was clear he was soon out of the picture, and indeed the story took a positive turn, from my point of view, after that event. I liked the slow but hot development of the love story between Ethan and Beau, I love how these were adult men but with a sort of naiveté regarding relationship: sex they knew, love was uncharted territory. The sex was hot, and yes, considering this is an erotic romance, it was abundant, but, very much strict to my taste: a one to one relationship between two men, no funny games, hot, sweat and skin. Oh yes, and the classical shower sex scene ;-) but that is almost a must in erotic romance (has happened also to you that since starting reading erotic romance, when entering a new bathroom, you look at the shower with different eyes? )

So yes, to my taste, this was almost perfect, the almost given only by some quirky point that irked me, but didn’t deter from reading the whole book: for example, telling me three times in the span of few pages that Jared just came out of nowhere beginning of January was probably overdoing it; unless it wasn’t really important for me to know it, but it wasn’t. (So, needless to say, they’d butted heads since the day Jared showed up right around the first of the year. (p. 27); Now that Blake wasn’t working for them , Ethan wondered if that would help the strained relationship that had started to develop since the first week of January when Jared had shown up out of the blue (p. 28); The other was occupied by Jared, Ethan’s cousin, who had practically dropped out of the sky on New Year’s Day and landed smack dab in the middle of Walker Demolition (p. 44)). Other than that, a very satisfying reading, an erotic romance that was at the same time “romantic” (not sweet of course, but well, I had the feeling these men like to cuddle…)

Series: Alluring Indulgence
Paperback: 524 pages
Publisher: SL Enterprises (January 7, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1939786177
ISBN-13: 978-1939786173
Amazon: Ethan: An Alluring Indulgence Novel (Volume 5)
Amazon Kindle: Ethan: An Alluring Indulgence Novel (Volume 5)

Series: Alluring Indulgence
1) Kaleb
2) Zane
3) Travis
4) Holidays with the Walker Brothers
5) Ethan

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