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Dalton Flint & Mike Furey

Dangerous Muse is an American electronic rock project based in New York City, led by songwriter and vocalist, Mike Furey. Furey met Dalton Flint when a photographer didn't get a picture -- but got the guy, as they told in The Love Issue for Out Magazine:

Dalton: Well, I was planning on doing a shoot for my friend’s art publication. I asked my friend, a stylist, if he knew of anyone who’d be good for it, and he said I should ask Mike. He said no, but it was definitely a conversation starter between us. We kept talking and met up for a drunken escapade at a bar and then went to a show afterward.

Mike is very closed off, and I had a problem trusting people, but as we spent time together and started working together, the relationship evolved. This lack of walls feels really free; there are no worries. Mediocre is not in Mike’s dictionary, and I really respect that. This relationship has pushed me to make sure that everything I’m doing is something I’m really proud of. It has helped me grow.

Mike: There’s always been an ease when we’re together -- that’s a pretty clear indication of when someone important comes into your life. We gel together so nicely, and we’re able to work really well together -- that’s really separated this from other relationships I’ve had. Once we did start shooting together and collaborating on projects, everything fell together. That’s when I knew things were special.

It’s been a conscious effort of mine to be more open, and great things have come from that. I’ve been trying to fix things as they come up, trying to avoid any complications.

The future is bright. We’re staying optimistic about everything. I’m not thinking 10 years from now, I’m thinking what’s going to happen in the next year. There are a lot of things on the horizon for us personally and professionally. Great stuff has come out of this, emotionally and physically, and I expect more amazing things. (http://www.out.com/out-exclusives/love-issue/2013/01/31/picture-perfect-mike-furey-dalton-flint)

Dangerous Muse is an American electronic rock project led by Mike Furey. When Furey met Dalton Flint, the photographer didn't get a picture, but got the guy: "I was planning on doing a shoot for my friend’s art publication. I asked my friend, a stylist, if he knew of anyone who’d be good for it, and he said I should ask Mike. He said no, but it was definitely a conversation starter between us. We kept talking and met up for a drunken escapade at a bar and then went to a show afterward." --Dalton

@Dalton Flint

Dangerous Muse formed when Mike Furey and Tom Napack met as students at Fordham University, New York City. Furey, a singer-songwriter trained in piano, wanted to experiment with a more electronic sound and Napack, a musician-programmer, was looking to collaborate with a lyricist. Their first recording, "The Rejection", caught the attention of record mogul Seymour Stein who offered the duo a demo deal with Sire Records and facilitated their signing to Cordless Recordings, a digital imprint of Warner Music Group. Soon after, the duo signed with former Warner Bros. Records Senior Executive, Craig Kostich of Operational Art, for management.

"The Rejection" was their debut three-song digital EP. A music video for the lead single aired on MTV/Logo Network and in its second week went to #1 on the countdown. This success rallied significant press coverage for the duo. Highlights include the cover of The Advocate's annual music issue, Perez Hilton's popular blog, and the New York Daily News "Year End Ones to Watch." They were featured in the H&M Fashion Against Aids annual campaign among other artists to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS. An exclusive t-shirt designed by Dangerous Muse was sold in stores worldwide and online to support the cause.

Dangerous Muse is currently preparing the release of their debut album, Take Control. To introduce the album, the song "I Want It All" produced by Bloodshy & Avant, and music video, directed by visual artist Greko Sklavounos, were released. Producers on the album include Bloodshy & Avant (Britney, Madonna, Miike Snow), recording artist Esthero (making her production debut), Josh Harris (The Killers, Seal, Dangerous Muse), Ted Ottaviano (Book Of Love, Dangerous Muse), and David Siskovic (Justin Timberlake, Cut Copy, Gwen Stefani, and Goldfrapp).

Dangerous Muse has been performing songs from the album at live dates and club performances since their New York show at The Fillmore on New Year's Eve with Fischerspooner. On stage, the duo added two musicians (on keyboards and acoustic/electronic drums) and new technology production, including the integration of a "laser harp" — a musical instrument/midi controller made of laser beams that respond to touch.

In April 2012, the band officially announced that the keyboardist, Tom Napack, had left Dangerous Muse to begin his own project, Vanity Police. Mike Furey continues performing as Dangerous Muse, along with bassist, Walls O'Mara, and drummer, Chris Kling.

Dalton Flint is an American photographer, psychedelic artist, and art director based in New York City. He is best known for his portraits, vibrant landscapes, and digital collages. At age 18, Flint moved from Orlando, Florida to New York where he worked under acclaimed photographer Bruce Weber for 2 years. Since then he has photographed for Vogue Russia, i-D magazine, Fanzine 137, and more. Current projects include: Dangerous Muse (Art Direction), Rock Ya Girl Records (Photography), and "Merge," an exhibition in collaboration with painter Andreja Ernst and photographer Felix Kunze now showing at Art Room Vienna in Austria.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mike_Furey

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