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Memorizing You by Dan Skinner

The story is very long, maybe a tad too long, especially cause, the bittersweet ending, while with hope, it left me like robbed, I spent so much time with these two guys, that I wanted to know more about their future, and hopefully, happily ever after. So my feeling was that, if I spent a little less time with them before, and a little more time after, the balance would have been perfect.

Nevertheless the love story was really moving, emotional and with a lot of angst, but you can tell the author is a romantic, cause, even with all the drama, he still give a little tiny hope to happiness for these boys. The closing reminded me of some old fashioned romance, not those of the ’70s or ’80s, but more those love story of the wartime, or soon after, when lovers had very little chances at happiness, and it wasn’t unheard of that death set them apart; sometime, when the author didn’t want to kill even the little hope in the heart of the readers, they put those open endings, giving the more romantic women to decide if they want to believe there was still hope for the lovers.

Considering this author is more famous as a graphic designer than writer (even if I remember with fondness a previous novella I read by him), I found his writing style to be mature and beautiful, sometime poetic. I did wonder if the author wasn’t somehow more near to this story than simply a writer with their characters, cause he did seem really involved in the story.

Even if it broke my heart, I truly feel as recommending this book, maybe not if you are searching for a “light” reading, then, store this for another moment, but sooner or later, give it a chance.

Publisher: Cerberus Inc. (July 9, 2013)
Amazon: Memorizing You

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