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Matthew Bugg & Tobias Oliver

Theatre Composer Matthew Bugg (born September 19, 1974) and Marketing Professional Tobias "Toby" Oliver (born July 13, 1972) have been together since 1994 (their anniversary is on February 17). They live in Sheffield with their beloved Dachshund, Georgie.

Matthew Bugg grew up in Sheffield. He began his theatre training at the age of four after seeing The Royal Ballet’s production of 'The Tales of Beatrix Potter' on TV. He started the violin at the age of eight, and spent every night either dancing or playing music.

​But at 14, he suffered a serious shoulder injury in a dance class. He was told not to play for six months and to give up dance completely. It was during this difficult period that Matthew began to compose in earnest (on his BBC Micro Computer!)

​Matthew defied the doctors and returned to dance at the age of 17, and was awarded a scholarship to study with the British Ballet Organisation. Unfortunately the shoulder problem returned.

​He went on to achieve the highest mark in the country for A’ level Music and decided to study composition at the University of Birmingham. Here he was awarded a Barber Scholarship and the Roland Gregory Prize.

​Matthew got his first professional theatre job at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester, before he had even graduated, and was made an Associate Artist of the new Mercury Theatre Company.

Theatre Composer Matthew Bugg and Marketing Professional Tobias "Toby" Oliver have been together since 1994. They live in Sheffield with their beloved Dachshund, Georgie. They set up, with producer Keith Arrowsmith, a theatre company, Mr Bugg Presents. They took their current production, ‘Miss Nightingale – the burlesque musical’ on a 12 week tour of the UK on spring/summer 2013, including a stint in London’s West End and two shows at Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre in July. Their anniversary is on February 17, 1994.

He has since worked at most of the major theatres across the country as composer and choreographer.

​While working as a composer on a play by Clive Francis, Matthew was asked by him to audition for a part in The Tempest and won his first professional acting role as Ariel.

​'Miss Nightingale - the burlesque musical' is Matthew's first musical.

Tobias Oliver studied Drama at the University of Sheffield. He was part of the Theatre Society: he held the post of Social Secretary, arranged club nights to raise funds (even doing the odd bit of DJing) and acted in as many productions as he could. He also co-presented a show on Forge FM and wrote the (very) occasional article for the student magazine. At the moment he has two jobs: he is a Communications Account Manager at Sheffield City Council and he is also Marketing Director of Mr Bugg Presents, a theatre company his husband, composer Matthew Bugg, and he set up with producer Keith Arrowsmith. They took their current production, ‘Miss Nightingale – the burlesque musical’ on a 12 week tour of the UK on spring/summer 2013, including a stint in London’s West End and two shows at Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre in July.

Days of Love: Celebrating LGBT History One Story at a Time by Elisa Rolle
Paperback: 760 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (July 1, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1500563323
ISBN-13: 978-1500563325
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Days of Love chronicles more than 700 LGBT couples throughout history, spanning 2000 years from Alexander the Great to the most recent winner of a Lambda Literary Award. Many of the contemporary couples share their stories on how they met and fell in love, as well as photos from when they married or of their families. Included are professional portraits by Robert Giard and Stathis Orphanos, paintings by John Singer Sargent and Giovanni Boldini, and photographs by Frances Benjamin Johnson, Arnold Genthe, and Carl Van Vechten among others. “It's wonderful. Laying it out chronologically is inspired, offering a solid GLBT history. I kept learning things. I love the decision to include couples broken by death. It makes clear how important love is, as well as showing what people have been through. The layout and photos look terrific.” Christopher Bram “I couldn’t resist clicking through every page. I never realized the scope of the book would cover centuries! I know that it will be hugely validating to young, newly-emerging LGBT kids and be reassured that they really can have a secure, respected place in the world as their futures unfold.” Howard Cruse “This international history-and-photo book, featuring 100s of detailed bios of some of the most forward-moving gay persons in history, is sure to be one of those bestsellers that gay folk will enjoy for years to come as reference and research that is filled with facts and fun.” Jack Fritscher

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