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Love Means... Renewal by Andrew Grey

Sometime is nice to have an insight on what is happening after the happily ever after; not that you want for the couple to break up or similar, but that little window in their future is usually nice and warming. For Eli and Geoff is exactly like that.

I admit I haven’t read all the series, so I didn’t know Eli and Geoff adopted a little kid, Jackie. It was a nice surprise to see them as daddies, and Jackie seems really a cute kid, very loving and loved as well. Even if Eli, currently, is very busy, and also tired, he always finds time to give love and comfort to Jackie, even when this means losing a little of intimacy with Geoff. But Geoff is not resenting it, he loves Jackie as much as Eli.

This is only a novella, there isn’t nothing new happening in their lives, but it’s a way to have a confirmation that their love is strong, and not limited to the two of them, but able to include in their circle of love the extended family they created, including family, friends and co-workers.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 26, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Love Means... Renewal (Love Means... Series)

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