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The Gentleman's Keeper by Summer Devon & Bonnie Dee

Everett Gerard, for various reasons, decided long ago to forget about his property, the Abbey. It’s 1888, in England, and while homosexuality is for sure forbidden, it’s not uncommon. Everyone basically knows Gerard is a sodomite, thanks also to an old scandal with an Italian count, but until he manages to disguise his real sexual inclinations with a libertine life, no one question why he is still a bachelor at almost 30 years old, and considering the fact his father died, he is not even worried that he is the last of his family

But then a solution to even that trouble basically fall into his lap: a 9 years old boy with a striking resemblance to the Gerard’s family, arrives to the Abbey, and the house’s bailiff, Miles Kenway, after trying to tame the almost savage boy, decides to call Gerard to his due towards the boy. Gerard knows he cannot be the father of the boy (no possibility at all), but for sure the boy is a Gerard, and so why not let people believe he is Everett’s offspring and, not only putting to death the old scandal, but also solving the problem of the heir to the Abbey.

I liked the romance between Gerard and Kenway, while forbidden, it wasn’t full of angst or denial; both men had long ago decided their interests lie on men, and when they meet each other, that interest is mutual. Even the social status difference isn’t something that put them apart, considering Kenway is a well-read man, who, even if he hasn’t a college degree, has nevertheless a deep knowledge of culture and life. On the other hand, Gerard is the classical middle class man, not from aristocracy, but nevertheless wealthy, and yes, even if he has some reasons hidden in his past to behave as he is, I found him to be maybe a little too much spoilt; sure, deep down he has a good heart, and the immediately liking the has for Ipsial, even if, both the most likely fathers are men he despises, said a lot about Gerard’s predisposition to love people for who they are and not for their origins.

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (July 9, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: The Gentleman's Keeper

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