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Pleasure by Dusk Peterson

Slightly different in comparison to other serials I read by the same authors due to the sci-fi/futuristic setting instead of an historical one, there is in any case a common thread. The primitive and passionate nature of human beings is tamed by the force of intellect or by the ability to dominate their own emotions. From this perspective, even a violent act as rape becomes a teaching tool. That is probably the most difficult point for me to understand, I always avoided the gratuitous violence, and maybe, I can accept it here cause, as I said, this time there is a plan behind, a purpose, that in this futuristic society, is working. Now, take out it from this environment, and my prejudices remain the same.

Another point that let me accept it is that, while difficult, and particular in its own way, the bond between Egon and Halvar is there, and it was real, I arrived even to see it turned from captive to protector, with Egon caring for an aging Halvar, and dreading the time when Halvar will die, cause it will deprive Egon of his mainstay, the reason why he managed to find a balance in his own existence as a slave.

Publisher: Love in Dark Settings Press; 2nd edition (January 17, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: Pleasure (Slaves of the Northern Corporate Dominion)

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