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Michel Lacroix

Michel LaCroix's novel, "Alex in Wonderland," a screwball romp set in New Orleans and the Florida Keys, deals with the critical gay issue of "coming out." It was an official selection of the Insight Out Book Club and nominated for a Violet Quill Award. Alex and his friends were such a hit with readers Michel decided to create the Wonderland Series. "Through with the Looking Glass," is the second installment, followed by Down the Rabbit Hole.

A Greenwich Village resident for twenty years, Michel was associate editor of Mandate and Honcho magazines in their founding years and is the author of fifteen pseudonymous historical, adventure and romance novels. His nonfiction travel books include "The Edge Guide: New Orleans" and the New Orleans section for Harper Collins' "Access Gay U.S.A." Michel lived in an 1830s Creole townhouse in the French Quarter for eleven years before relocating to California Wine Country where he is at work on "Curiouser and Curiouser," the fourth and final intallment of the Wonderland series.

Further Readings:

Alex in Wonderland (The Wonderland Series) by Michel Lacroix
Series: Gay Men's Fiction
Paperback: 268 pages
Publisher: Southern Tier Editions; 1 edition (April 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1560235322
ISBN-13: 978-1560235323
Amazon: Alex in Wonderland (The Wonderland Series)
Amazon Kindle: Alex in Wonderland (The Wonderland Series)

This is a light-hearted novel that tackles a serious, uniquely gay subject, while evoking the spicy nightlife of New Orleans. Alex Sumner, 26, is the closeted gay son of an obscenely wealthy and powerful New Orleans oil tycoon. At the insistence of his father, Alex has become engaged to Camilla, the pushy and totally self-absorbed daughter of another oil man. This farce has been arranged by their fathers, who hope to unite their businesses and create a financial empire that could last for decades, even centuries. Appalled at the looming prospect of a hollow, arranged marriage, Alex hightails it for Key West. On the way, he meets Cord. Big, strong and on the skids, Cord is an out-of-work personal trainer about to humble himself begging his homophobic dad for a job. He's humiliated at the prospect of working for the man who abused him and his brother when they were kids, but sees no other way to stay afloat. Cord and Alex fall in love, but Alex's father has posted a huge reward for his return, and amateur bounty hunters are on his trail. Soon, Alex finds himself back in New Orleans. With the help of his drag queen friend and mentor Jolie, Alex finally realises the importance of being true to oneself, regardless of consequence. As his wedding date looms closer, he knows he needs to do something...something big..."Alex In Wonderland" is a true page-turner - simultaneously sexy, suspenseful and hilarious. This is one trip through the queer looking glass that no reader will soon forget!

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