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Best LGBT Erotica : Can You Feel What I'm Saying? by James Earl Hardy

Considering that I’m not an huge fan of collections (I usually prefer longer novels) and that erotica is not really my cup of tea (I prefer sweet more than hot), I’m truly, but very much pleasantly, surprised of how much I enjoyed this one, to a level that I really love some stories, even the naughtier.

“The Last Picture. Show.” is about an young porn star who decides, exactly during a shoot, that it’s time to quit, and while the actor is engaging in his last gig, he wanders with his mind to the how and when he started, bringing the reader along, far from the current reality, that is not much appealing, not for the actor or the reader. But this is done with a light tone and in the end, help will arrive from the most unexpected ally.

“How Stanley Got His Back in Groove” is probably my favorite, along with “Can You Feel What I'm Saying?”. Very romantic and, well, sweet but sexy, is about almost 40 years old Stanley who embarks in a relationship with 20 years old Bobby, who is, by the way, one of his former elementary school students, from when Stanley did a 4 months stint as a PE teacher. Stanley was ending a 9 years self-imposed abstinence from sex, mainly cause, I suppose, he was disillusioned by it, but Bobby will teach him how to love again: the student becoming the teacher!

“Booty, By Jake” is the naughtier one I was referring to. Ray considers himself an A-list guy: handsome, with a good job and a long string of other A-list guys he can pick for a no strings attached booty call. Jake is only the super of his condo, an average guy, nothing special, B bordering C as Ray thought the first time he saw him. But Jake has hidden “qualities” that will have Ray promote him to the A+ level!

“Can You Feel What I'm Saying?” is the second romantic one, and another that I enjoyed. About an almost sweet romance between a blind man, Ellington, and his new friend, Antwan, a man he meets every morning while walking to work and who, Ellington decided, will be his birthday’s gift… and yes, that is exactly what he is meaning. Only that Antwan doesn’t consider himself to the level of Ellington, starting from his HIV positive status arriving to his no degree necessary job. It will be on Ellington to let him understand that those are irrelevant details in love.

This is the second time I had the chance to read a story by James Earl Hardy, and he is more and more convincing me to go back and read his B-Boy Blues classic series.

Paperback: 176 pages
Publisher: I A J Books (November 28, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0967832829
ISBN-13: 978-0967832821
Amazon: Can You Feel What I'm Saying?: An Erotic Anthology
Amazon Kindle: Can You Feel What I'm Saying?: An Erotic Anthology

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