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Broken Pieces by Riley Hart

I have never liked much ménages a trois, so maybe I had some prejudices starting this novel, but I have to say the author managed to convince me this triangle was not only possible, but even satisfying for all men involved.

Josiah and Mateo, just one year apart from each other, met while in the same foster home: Josiah the good guy, but painfully shy, already aware of being gay, but with absolutely no courage of admitting it; Mateo, the bad boy, from the wrong side of town, waiting to be of age to go back to the gang his father was leading and that he was supposed to replace. Nothing seems to link them if not they are both orphans and gay, and with an emptiness that, to their young age, seems possible to fulfill only being together, their two alone against the world.

But of course it is not so easy to let behind your past, and they need a mainstay, someone like Tristan; even if no one would say Mateo needs protection, I had the feeling Tristan wanted to expiate his supposed past crimes taking care not only of Josiah but also Mateo. Taking care of Josiah is easy, he is like a puppy, someone who looks at you with hope in his eyes, so much that it’s impossible to say no. But Mateo is like a stray dog, someone who doesn’t look you cause he doesn’t want to trust again for the fear of being betrayed again; but like a stray dog, if you manage to convince him you are worthy of his love, he will repay you with ten thousand more love back.

This is an erotic romance, and as such, the sex scenes are a good share, and an important element of the story. Said that, it’s also important to notice that there is a story indeed beyond that, and this is what I appreciate more.

Publisher: Riley Hart (February 2, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: Broken Pieces

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