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It Happened Today: February 27

Christopher B. Landon (born February 27, 1975): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4224705.html

Christopher B. Landon is an American screenwriter and film director best known as the writer of Disturbia, the last 3 Paranormal Activity films and as the son of late actor Michael Landon. Landon wrote and made his directorial debut with Burning Palms. Most of Landon's films deal with gay themes, including $30, one of five components in Boys Life 3, a collection of short films dealing with issues faced by gays, and a spec script about the relationship between a straight man and a gay man.

Eric Schepard (1925 - February 27, 1991): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/3479934.html

After a career as a dancer and choreographer, Eric Schepard went to work as an agent at MCA in 1955. Since 1964, he had worked for the Ashley Famous Agency, which became I.C.M. In the course of his work he represented Burt Reynolds, Faye Dunaway, Jon Voight, Dyan Cannon, Chita Rivera, Constance Towers and Christopher Walken. At the time of his death his clients included Alexis Smith, Tommy Tune, Lucy Arnaz, John Cullum and the choreographers Lynne Taylor-Corbett, Thommie Walsh and Tony Stevens.

Harold Acton (July 5, 1904 - February 27, 1994): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/2809029.html

Sir Harold Acton was a British writer, scholar and dilettante perhaps most famous for being wrongly identified with "Anthony Blanche" in Evelyn Waugh's novel Brideshead Revisited. Waugh himself wrote, "The characters in my novels often wrongly identified with Harold Acton were to a great extent drawn from Brian Howard". In his final years at school Harold became a founding member of the Eton Arts Society, and eleven of his poems appeared in The Eton Candle, edited by his friend Brian Howard.

John Balance & Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/3924228.html

John Balance founded the experimental music group Coil, in collaboration with his partner Peter 'Sleazy' Christopherson. During Coil's 23 years career, they collaborated with a number of peers, including Jim Thirlwell/Clint Ruin (Foetus), Marc Almond, Thighpaulsandra, NON, Current 93, and CoH. Balance died on 13 November 2004, after falling from a two story balcony at their Weston-Super-Mare home. After moving to Bangkok, Christopherson died in his sleep on November 25, 2010.

Sonia Johnson & Jade DeForest: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4225165.html

Sonia Johnson is an American feminist activist and writer. She was an outspoken supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) and in the late 1970s was publicly critical of the position of the LDS Church. Johnson currently lives in New Mexico with partner Jade DeForest, where they run Casa Feminista, a hotel catering to feminist women. Johnson explains that, beginning of the '90, she and DeForest also retreated into their private lives, surrounded by female friends, flowers and laughter.

Tracy Rowan (born February 27): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4225571.html

Tracy Rowan lives in a craftsman-style two flat on Chicago's northwest side where she and her housemate spend a lot of time planning the garden, hanging with their friends and laughing a lot. Suffer the Little Children won a 2011 Rainbow Award as Best LGBT Historical and Writing Style: When Victorian private investigator Nick Romney’s step-father, an Anglican bishop, is murdered, Nick refuses to get involved. At the urging of his family, though, Nick and his lover Davy step in to investigate.

Van Cliburn & Thomas J. Smith: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4225303.html

Harvey Lavan "Van" Cliburn, Jr., (July 12, 1934 – February 27, 2013) was an American pianist who achieved worldwide recognition in 1958 at the age of 23, when he won the first quadrennial International Tchaikovsky Piano Competition in Moscow at the height of the Cold War. Cliburn died on February 27, 2013, at the age of seventy-eight due to bone cancer. His obituary lists as his only survivor his "friend of longstanding" (of more than 20 years), Thomas J. Smith.

Victor Leo Heineman (1954 - February 27, 1994): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/3480276.html

Victor Leo Heineman was a dancer, appearing in television, movies, and nightclubs. Credits include the films Annie and Grease. "In 1994 I was married,in a traditional Hindu ceremony, to Victor Leo Heineman. Arlo Guthrie sang at our wedding. I am a widower." This comment was left on February 10, 2006, by a man who used the nickname of "Bambi of Finland". 1994 is the year Victor died, this is not the first time I read about these marriages without legal validity, but with a huge love significance.

Vincent Fourcade & Robert Denning: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4224879.html

Robert Denning in the early 1960's went on in partnership with Vincent Fourcade to form Denning & Fourcade the renowned decorating firm that has done many homes on both sides of the Atlantic. Vincent Fourcade (1934–1992) worked for 33 years with his partner, Robert Denning, and was known for his opulent style. Denning 'reinvented' himself to use his own word, after Vincent Fourcade's death from AIDS in 1992. He died in his apartment in the Lombardy Hotel in New York City in 2005.

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