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Gay Honeymoon by Susan Reaves

Almost an utopian story, even if, both men had to go through some layers of homophobia, one more than the other. In the author’s note, she wanted to let the reader know that Honeydew is actually a real place, small and enclosed like she described it in the story. Many times I read about the difficulties of being gay in a small town, but sometime it’s the opposite, being an enclosed community, everyone knows their neighbor and so they don’t judge you for your chosen companion, but for who you have always been and your role in the community. It was like that for Butch and Jimmy, first partners and then husbands, they met in the Army in the only occasion Butch had to go out Honeydew, and they came back there to build their home. They were accepted not only by Butch’s family, but also by all the community, of which they are primary members. And now their own nephew, Toby, has come out to them, the problem is that, Toby has always lived at Honeydew, and aside from Butch and Jimmy, there aren’t any other gay people there. Not until, like sent by their prayers, Jacob, the new delivery guy, enters the scene: a former LDS missionary, he lost all his family when he decided to be true to himself and not follow his church’s rules.

As I said, this is like an utopian story, everything seems to click in a perfect way, Butch and Jimmy are perfect fairy godfathers to Toby and Jacob; Toby and Jacob like each other and basically nothing is against their love; as soon as a trouble tries to pop out, there is immediately the right stick to burst it into nothing: Toby and Jacob are destined to be together and nothing and no one will prevent them to walk hand in hand towards their happiness.

Nice, comforting and sweet comedy, if you want to wish for every young boy an happily ever after.

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