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Travis Mathews (born 1975)

Travis Mathews (born 1975) is an American film director and screenwriter. Primarily working within the documentary genre, his credits include the films I Want Your Love and Interior. Leather Bar., and the web series In Your Room.

Openly gay, Mathews lives and works in San Francisco.

I Want Your Love is the title of both a 2010 short film and a 2012 feature-length film. Both films were directed and written by Travis Mathews. The drama films both revolve around the friends and ex-lovers of Jesse Metzger, a gay man in his mid-thirties who is forced to move back to his hometown from San Francisco due to financial reasons.

The actors' own names, along with much of their real-life stories, were used for their characters in both films, which both feature graphic sexual and pornographic scenes. The production of both films was aided by porn studio NakedSword. This led to the full-length film being refused exemption from classification to screen at the Melbourne Queer Film Festival, a decision to which actor James Franco (who invited Mathews to collaborate on his film Interior. Leather Bar.) reacted negatively. (P: Jesse Metzger)

Jesse Metzger, a performance-arts director and the main character, who's forced to move back to his hometown.
Brontez Purnell, a friend of Jesse's, who works at a clothing shop.
Ben Jasper, Jesse's ex-boyfriend, who works in advertising and stops by to say goodbye.
Keith McDonald, Jesse's friend and roommate.
Wayne Bumb, Jesse's best friend and roommate.
Ferrin Solano, Wayne's boyfriend, who moves in with Wayne.
Jorge Rodolfo, Wayne's friend, of whom Ferrin is initially jealous, but who eventually joins Wayne and Ferrin for a threesome.
Peter DeGroot, Jesse's one-night stand.

Travis Mathews. The poster for the 2012 movie.

Photograph by Pamela Littky. Brontez Purnell, the San Francisco indie rocker turns his focus from music to movement.

Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/I_Want_Your_Love_(film)

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