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Bonds of Denial (Wicked Play) by Lynda Aicher

This is the second time I read a gay romance from an author who is clearly experienced in writing heterosexual romances (this is part of a series, Wicked Play, which is mostly heterosexual aside from one story about a menages a trois), and to my surprise, I found the author managed to express the issue of a gay relationship in a very convincing way. This is probably due to the fact the focus of the story is the romance, and if you are open enough as a writer, and you don't bring yourself in the story, but write the point of view of your characters, it doesn't matter if they are straight, bisexual or gay, that is the strength of a writer.

Rockford "Rock" Fielding is a closed former military man, who is now working in the security field, and in particular at the Den, the BDSM club whose partners are more or less the main characters of the previous stories in the series. While the other stories are centered around the BDSM world, Bonds of Denial is far from it, the only link the way Rock meets Carter Montgomery. Carter is a high-paid escort, who frequents the Den as guest of one of the members. He underwent a background check performed by Rock who is now fascinated by the man, so much he decides to hire him from one night. Rock isn't considering that fascination can lead to love, and that he will be probably forced to finally come out of the closet.

Carter on the other side is almost at the end of his 10 years contract as an escort, and he is maybe considering his options; not that Rock is an easy getaway from is previous life, Carter is sincerely attracted by Rock, but maybe, more than before, Carter is free to consider a relationship as a possibility. It wasn't easy to have a boyfriend while you are an escort, but truth be told, Rock never lets Carter's job to interfere with their romance, if not for worrying about Carter when he is "on the job".

Very nice "hustler" romance, happily ever after and all. Both Carter than Rock's characters were complex enough to have the reader care for them, and I appreciate a lot the author didn't judge them, nor Carter for his work as an escort, or Rock for being still in the closet at 34.

Publisher: Carina Press (February 3, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: Bonds of Denial (Wicked Play)

Series: Wicked Play
1) Bonds of Trust
2) Bonds of Need
3) Bonds of Desire
4) Bonds of Hope
5) Bonds of Denial

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