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New Release: Werecat: The Glaring by Andrew J. Peters

Werecat: The Glaring by Andrew J Peters
Publisher: Vagabondage Romance (March 1, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: Werecat: The Glaring

Jacks is back in a new enlivened adventure!

Free from Benoit, the man who made him a shifter, twenty-two-year old Jacks tries to get on his own two feet while crashing with Farzan, the only person who knows about his werecat nature. It will take a grueling schedule of off-the-books jobs and a steady mantra of self-control.

Then a raid on a bodega pushes Jacks to transform into his mountain lion self to fend off a group of gun-wielding gangbangers.

Jacks scrambles to disguise the truth, but the incident leaves a thundering wake of questions. The police want to know what really happened to a freaked-out young thug in custody. Farzan, who has been crushing hard on Jacks since they met, begins to doubt that it?s safe to have Jacks living with him. Jacks wants to know where he belongs: with the man who took him in when no one else would or among his own kind. As he searches for answers, Jacks is confronted by a secret shifter society The Glaring. They have come to avenge the death of Jacks? maker and to claim a powerful item that Benoit left behind.

Werecat: The Rearing by Andrew J. Peters
Publisher: Vagabondage Press LLC (May 27, 2013)
Amazon Kindle: Werecat: The Rearing

Discover the origins of the story: Werecat: The Glaring (Book 1)

For Jacks Dowd, a college senior who feels ungrounded from his family and life in general, an alcohol and sex-infused weekend in Montrëal sounds like a pretty good escape. But meeting an admiring drifter Benoit with startling green eyes launches Jacks on a terrifying and erotic journey beyond his imagination.

About the author: Andrew J. Peters likes retold stories with a subversive twist. He is the author of The Seventh Pleiade, about the legend of Atlantis, and the gay paranormal Werecat series. A former Lambda Literary Foundation Fellow, Andrew has written short fiction for many publications. He lives in New York City with his husband and their cat Chloe.

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