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It Happened Today: March 5

Cyril Collard (December 179, 1957 - March 5, 1993): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4242581.html

Cyril Collard was a French author, filmmaker, composer, musician and actor. Openly bisexual, Collard was also one of the first French artists to speak openly about his HIV-positive status. The semi-autobiographical Savage Nights (Les Nuits Fauves), finished in 1992, was Collard's first and only feature film. It won four Césars (best editing, best film, best first work, and most promising actress) in 1993. Unfortunately, Collard did not live to accept his award; he had died three days earlier.

Laurie Toby Edison (born March 5, 1942): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4242813.html

Laurie Toby Edison is an exhibited portrait photographer. Her 3 suites of photographs include a series of nude environmental portraits of fat women (Women En Large), a series of nude environmental portraits of a very diverse cross-section of men (Familiar Men), and a series of clothed environmental portraits of women living in Japan (Women of Japan). Edison's work is B&W fine art photography, with an underlying social change message, which she often phrases as "making the invisible visible.”

Mary Elizabeth Garrett & M. Carey Thomas: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4243070.html

After Mamie Gwinn left M. Carey Thomas in 1904, Thomas started a relationship with Mary Elizabeth Garrett; they shared the campus home, living together until Garrett's death in 1915. Miss Garrett, who had been prominent in suffrage work and a benefactor of Bryn Mawr, left to President Thomas $15,000,000 to be disposed of as she saw fit. Thomas retired in 1922. She left the college in the capable hands of Marion Edwards Park, who had served as a dean at both Simmons and Radcliffe Colleges.

Richmond Barthé (January 28, 1901 – March 5, 1989): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4243450.html

James Richmond Barthé (January 28, 1901 – March 5, 1989) was an African-American sculptor known for his many public works, including the
Toussaint L’Ouverture Monument in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and a sculpture of Rose McClendon for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House. Barthe once said: “...all my life I have be interested in trying to capture the spiritual quality I see and feel in people, and I feel that the human figure as God made it, is the best means of expressing this spirit in man.”

Thomas Hermanns & Wolfgang Macht: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4243681.html

Thomas Hermanns (born 5 March 1963) is a German TV-presenter, director, TV-author and comedian. He is known for his comedy-show Quatsch Comedy Club. Hermanns has been in a relationship for 14 years with Wolfgang Macht. On 6 September 2008 Hermanns and Macht married. Hermanns has written and produced different comedy shows on TV, including Zapped (1998), Back to Life (2000) and Paranoid (2004) for Michael Mittermeier, Gayle Tufts and Cora Frost.

Wilfried Knight & Jerry Enriquez: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4243723.html

Wilfried Knight, stage name of Wilfried Chevalier ( February 19, 1975 - Vancouver , March 5, 2013 ) was a French pornographic actor born in Germany. On March 5, 2013 he took his own life, two weeks after the suicide of his husband, Jerry Enriquez, with whom he was legally married in Canada for seven years. Enriquez lead to the tragic gesture seems to have been the difficulty in finding a job in Canada and the impossibility of being able to return with his husband in the home country.

William Jack Sibley: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4244129.html

William Jack Sibley's first novel ANY KIND OF LUCK was published in 2001. It was nominated for a Lambda award: mere moments after his arrival in his rural hometown of Grit, Texas with Chris, his laid-back lover, Manhattan hand model Clu Latimore is up to his stylish cut in problems that include caring for his dying mother and her pack of prize-inning Chihuahuas - and, of course, initiating the incredulous Chris into the reality of life in the land of blue bonnets, barbecue and Baptists.

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