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It Happened Today: March 8

Bruce Hayes (born March 8, 1963): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4248617.html

Lawrence Bruce Hayes (born March 8, 1963) is an American former competition swimmer best known for anchoring the U.S. men's 4x200-meter freestyle relay team that won the gold medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. He became the first Olympic gold medalist to compete at the Gay Games when he swam at Gay Games III in Vancouver in August 1990. He came out publicly while competing, and has gone on to organize Gay Games events. "When you're famous and you come out, you become a role model"

Charlotte Whitton & Margaret Grier: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4152690.html

Charlotte Whitton (March 8, 1896 – January 25, 1975) was a Canadian feminist and mayor of Ottawa. She was the first female mayor of a major city in Canada, serving from 1951 to 1956 and again from 1960 to 1964. Whitton never married, but lived from 1915 to 1947 with her partner, Rose Margaret Grier (1892-1947), whom she had met at Queen's University. Grier died in 1947 at the age of 55 years. Grier's tombstone read: Beloved Daughter of Robert and Rose Grier and Dear Friend to Charlotte Whitton.

E. Lockhart (born March 8, 1961): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/1041395.html

Emily Jenkins, who also writes under the name E. Lockhart, is a writer of children's picture books, young adult novels, and adult fiction. Her first novel as E. Lockhart, The Boyfriend List, was published in 2005 and has been followed by three sequels, The Boy Book (2006), The Treasure Map of Boys (2009), and Real Live Boyfriends (2010). Dramarama is about 2 theater-mad, self-invented fabulositon Ohio teenagers. One boy, one girl. One gay, one straight. 1 black, 1 white. And SUMMER DRAMA CAMP.

Henry Ward Beecher & Constantine Fondolaik: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4249159.html

The great love of Henry Ward Beecher’s life was a Greek student he’d met at school named Constantine Fondolaik. Beecher was so enamored of the youth, whom he called “the most beautiful thing I had ever seen,” that he changed his own middle name to Constantine and, in 1832, had a contract drawn up in which they promised to love and watch over each other with eternal devotion. They maintained their romantic relationship into their college year and beyond, until Fondoliak died of cholera in 1842.

Hubert Fichte (March 21, 1935 - March 8, 1986): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/2814974.html

Hubert Fichte (March 21, 1935 - March 8, 1986) was a German novelist. In the seventies Fichte worked more and more on ethnological research. From 1971 to 1975 he travelled to Bahia (Brazil), Haiti and Trinidad several times. He later described the works based on this travels, like Xango (1976) and Petersilie, (1980) as "Ethnopoesie". Fichte died of AIDS-related illness in 1986. Since 1995 the city of Hamburg has awarded the Hubert Fichte Prize for extraordinary literary works.

John Inman & Ron Lynch: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4248906.html

Frederick John Inman (28 June 1935 – 8 March 2007) was an English actor and singer best known for his role as Mr. Humphries in Are You Being Served?, a British sitcom in the 1970s and 1980s. Inman was also well known in the United Kingdom as a pantomime dame. He lived in a mews house in Little Venice for 30 years. On 23 December 2005, Inman entered into a civil partnership at Westminster Register Office with his partner of 33 years (at the time), Ron Lynch. He died in 2007, aged 71.

Pat Califia (born March 8, 1954): http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/3089867.html

Patrick Califia (formerly known as Pat Califia), born 1954 near Corpus Christi, Texas, is a writer of nonfiction essays about sexuality and of erotic fiction and poetry. Califia is a bisexual trans man. Califia's most recent book is Boy in the Middle, a collection of erotic stories. He is currently working on a number of other projects including a book on FTM sexuality. His pornographic works were often seized by Canadian customs until he fought a court case to allow them to be accepted.

Una Vincenzo, Lady Troubridge & Radclyffe Hall: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/2956010.html

Radclyffe Hall and Una Troubridge met in 1915 as Troubridge was the cousin of singer Mabel Batten (aka Ladye) who was Hall's lover at the time. Mabel died in 1916, and Hall and Troubridge moved in together the following year. In the last nine years of Hall's life she had become obsessed with a White Russian nurse, Evgenia Souline. This made Troubridge very unhappy, but she tolerated their relationship. Despite all their troubles, Troubridge stayed with Hall and nursed her until she died in 1943.

Walter & Lee Plunkett: http://reviews-and-ramblings.dreamwidth.org/4249430.html

Walter Plunkett was a prolific costume designer. He lived with his devoted partner, Lee. Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy would visit them occasionally. "They were both into knitting." Bachardy remembered. "They knitted covers for their toilet seats. They knitted things all over the place." Plunkett retired in 1966, after having worked on Broadway and for the Metropolitan Opera. He spent the last years of his life with Lee, whom he formally adopted so that he could inherit his estate.

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