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Fox's Folly by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Pretty nice "contemporary" fantasy romance, about a dual (meaning a born fox shapeshifter, dual cause he has two born shape, human and animal) and a male witch (actually a red witch, which, apparently, is keen on sex, but it's also monogamous) falling in love in the Sin City, Las Vegas, while investigating the strange deaths of other otherworldly creatures.

It was a good mix of humor and paranormal, that right touch of romantic comedy, with a push on romantic. Tag, the fox, is from a breed who basically approves not only menages a trois (he is a trickster, usually paired with a lord and a lady), but also polyamory in various deployment versions. Tag is bisexual, he has not really preference for men or women, probably he would be more comfortable with a pairing including both of them. But instead Paul, the witch, is bisexual as well, but he has always been more inclined to women. To both disconcerting, they are not only attracted to each other, their inner side are also considering exclusivity, something that, for the fox side of Tag has always been inconceivable.

I have to admit that more than the mystery plot involving the killer, I was more interested in the relationship between Tag and Paul, and I think the author was too, cause, while the mystery ends more or less 3/4 into the novel, the last 1/4 of the story is focused on the aftermath for Tag and Paul, and a nice too as well.

Fox's Folly is naughty and romantic, a mix that, if working, is really good experience.

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd. (July 17, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Fox's Folly (Duals and Donovans: The Different)

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