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Steamroller by Mary Calmes

Having just read another novel by Mary Calmes, it was easy to recognize some of her themes, the young and pretty boy, Vincent, not sparkling beautiful but more sweet, big brown eyes, a little temperamental, but basically a good guy, and clever to both, who falls in love for the very beautiful poster boy, Carson. But on the contrary of the previous novel, where the poster boy will be a cheater and someone not to trust, here Carson is a dream comes true, and he is one to trust, one that will sweep Vince off to ride on a white horse towards the horizon (figuratively speaking of course).

The novel doesn't span for a long length of time, actually I think little more than one week, and so the feeling of being swept along with Vince is there. Carson comes out like a very intense character, solid and trustworthy, but also sexy. While he is going fast once he catches Vince, it's not something sudden for him, he was lusting after Vincent for a long time, and it's like, once he manages to get him, it's never enough, he needs more, sooner and faster.

The novel reads quickly but not for that less intense.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (September 4, 2012)
Amazon Kindle: Steamroller

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