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Jackson’s Pride (In the Company of Men 2) by Lynn Lorenz

Jackson was the bastard son of a medieval duke. He has gained his life like a mercenary and he is pretty good at it. Tall and strong, a very impressive man, he doesn't seem and gentle man, and instead he is almost shy, he speaks few times, but his honor and word is his most important treasure.

So when his estranged father asks to him to come back home, he leaves the role of master of arms of a good duke and takes the road toward home. But during the path he meets William, a noble man who was beaten almost to death from the father of the boy he was kissing outside a tavern. Also William is the son of a duke, but he is the beloved legitimate second son and even if he will not inherited the title he has a loving family. Only that he prefers to roam the country in search of what even he doesn't know. But when he meets Jackson he thinks to have found finally his companion.

Still Jackson doesn't judge himself to be to the same level of William, not before his father recognizes him as a legitimate son. And so, even if he is deeply in love with William, he must leave him to fullfill his promise to go home. When and if his father will change his will, in this case Jackson will return to William.

Like the first book by Lynn Lorenz, Jackson's Pride is the classical savage historical romance, with the twist that both the heroes are men. But for all the other aspect, it's a true old historical romance: the bastard son of a duke, with no money but with honor, the fair heroine (in this case hero), with long blond hair and all vows of eternal love even if his beloved is a commoner not to his level, even the evil stepbrother of the hero with a castle full of beaten servants. Plus Jackson's Pride reminds me one of my favourite historical romance, Defy Not the Heart by Johanna Lindsey (one of the first romance I think where I found a gay character, the best friend of the heroine is a gay man who at first hits on the hero, only then to be scared by him for all the book).

I like very much William's characters, even if he is clearly the weaker in body, he is a strong man. He has the courage of his action but he is not a man who is embittered by his sad past. And he is ready to love again. He is open to love. Instead Jackson, even if is a good character, it's somewhat closed, also he sees the man on man relationship more like a companionship than a relationship; sometime I have the feel he chosed to be with man, cause he thinks a woman will be too weak for him... but don't misunderstand me, I like him, he is only a bi more brooding than the solar William.

Jackson's Pride is a medium long book that the historical romance fans will read in a rush.


Amazon: Jackson's Pride

Series: In the Company of Men
1) The Mercenary's Tale: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/243092.html
2) Jackson’s Pride

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Cover Art by Chirstine M. Griffin
Tags: author: lynn lorenz, genre: historical, length: novel, review, theme: breeches rippers, theme: military, theme: virgins

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