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Ruth Sims (born April 24)

Ruth Sims has lived her entire life in conservative, Republican, tiny-town Midwest USA surrounded by corn, wheat, and soybean fields. It's a strange place indeed for a Liberal Democrat to have sprouted. Like Emily Dickenson she's never seen a moor and never seen the sea but she's seen plenty of silos, Amish buggies, whitetails, and amber waves of grain. She'll battle anybody who says the flat, fertile land of the Midwest doesn't have its own kind of beauty.

Though many years past schooldays, her education is continuous and far-ranging, with interests ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, from Shakespeare to groan-inducing puns and limericks. Her library has many shelves of history, biography, drama, and reference books. Her special love of drama is apparent in The Phoenix, and her passion for Classical and Romantic music comes to life in Counterpoint: Dylan's Story.

Words, imagination, books, music, and writing have always been the means by which she could slip into more exciting lives than her own. When the chance finally came for her to write full-time, she was able to focus on the stories that have been in her head for years. Her many characters are thankful to escape; it was getting crowded in there.

Source: http://www.ruthsims.com/

Further Readings:

The Phoenix by Ruth Sims
Paperback: 353 pages
Publisher: The Writers' Collective; 1st edition (September 1, 2004)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1932133402
ISBN-13: 978-1932133400
Amazon: The Phoenix
Amazon Kindle: The Phoenix

At fourteen, in a Victorian London slum, Jack Rourke brought down his abusive father with a knife. As a man, known to the world as Kit. St. Denys, he ruled the English stage and was adored by both men and women. Friends saw his talent and charm, and never suspected the simmering violence beneath or imagined the devil that haunted his mind.At fourteen, Nick Stuart was a country doctor's son, imbued with religious fervor and idealism. His only ambitions were to serve God by being a doctor. When he promised his life to God, his body to chastity, and his industry to mankind, he didn't know that only the last would be easy. He was shaken to his soul when he met Kit St. Denys and fell irresistibly and irrevocably in love.Neither of them could know that a monster from his past stalked Kit, biding his time until he could strike and destroy. He would succeed all too well.

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