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tMf 12 and May updates to the MaleForm website

For the new issue of tMf, #12, I did again a short interview to one of the photographer featured in it. Dylan allowed me to repost in entirity the interview here, but I strongly suggest you to buy the whole issue, it's awesome as usual. "My" photographer is Antonio, and he is from Spain.

1) Would you like to tell us something about yourself? Where are you from, how old are you, what is your background (meaning are you a trained photographer or self-taught...)?

I think I was born with a camera between my hands. I had my first reflex with 15 years old and it has always been close to me. I came from the north of Spain (37 years old) but I live in Madrid. Regarding my training I studied in EFTI School in Madrid… I remember a sentence from one of my teacher which is amazing: “You need to learn the technique and as soon you have learned it… you need to forget it”. The technique is important but it is more important to say something in each picture.

2) Does your country/culture influence your photography? Is the Mediterrean origin something that you feel as yours?

Of course my culture and my background influences directly in my way of feeling the photography. In my work the use of the light is very important and I think there is not better light that the Spanish light. It is clear that I always prefer a warm pic better than a cold pic… Spain is always in my photography.

3) Is photography your main career? Where do you see yourself in the next future? Are you planning to professionally exhibit or publish your work?

Not now… who knows in the future… Right know I manage my “normal” work with the photography work something which is quite difficult. Day by day you need more time to organize your shootings, paper work trying to publish in magazines, etc, etc. I really would like to have the photography as my main career but I think it is quite impossible right now.

4) How do you select your models? what is that most catches your eyes, your ideal subject for male nudes?

I need to find a correct balance between face and body and the most important issue… the model needs to send a message in each photography. I consider that the photography is a way of sending messages and those message needs to be sent by the photographer which is managing the shoot and of course for the model. An incredible body which can not communicate a clear message is not a good team mate.

5) Usually do you give freedom to your models to move as they like or do you have an ideal "frame" that you try to recreate with them?

I always try to create a good atmosphere in the shooting. When you are able to create that the model can express himself in a better way. Then I try to direct the shoot in a soft way giving enough space to the model to pull out the best he has inside… In any case I always have an “ideal frame” with each model and I try to catch it during the shoot… sometimes I get it, sometimes not… The photography is a travel and a travel is always full of surprises…

Moreover there are also wonderful updates to the website, that for a small fee you can access (be careful, it's HOT)

Luke by Ethan James

Marco Rubi by Dylan Rosser

Adonis by Joel Summerfield

Petr by Alex Klimov

Tory by Dylan Rosser

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