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Crazy from the Heat by Mercy Celeste

The title, Crazy from the Heat, is quite right for the story, cause, more or less, no one in this story is "normal", but they are all out of the ordinary, with a more than troubled past. The story of undercover cop, Paul, passing as a teenager student at the high school where Grey is a teacher is maybe a little far-stretched (32 years old passing for 17), but at least is original, probably more than having a really young cop in the same role. In this way, Paul is even older than Grey, that at 28 years old is a very young teacher, but not impossible. I think the author chose to have Paul older than Grey to avoid the usually pet/teacher scheme, and even if Paul and Grey "play" that game, it's only a game.

There is even another reason, even if it's something the author only hints and doesn't develop much, the submissive nature of Grey. It's downplayed cause Paul isn't your ordinary dominant, and in a way he is more interested in enjoying his time with Grey more than domineering him around, but in any way, the Dom/sub relationship is there.

There is a huge turnaround just at the end, even if, thinking back, the author was giving hint here and there on the final turn. To me it was unexpected, but it was also the logical solution, a big change was needed in Paul and Grey's life to be able for them to find a common path.

Publisher: MJC Press (April 17, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: Crazy from the Heat

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