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Conflict of Interest by J.M. Snyder

One of my favourite stories by J.M. Snyder is Power Play, a story about two teens who fall in love despite the different social status and the young age. Another one is Scarred, a story where a young man, brutally and continuously raped by a gang, preserves his kisses, the only thing he could freely give to a lover.

Conflict of Interest reminds me of both these stories. Alex accepts to serve as volunteer in a youth shelter; he has to play as big brother for a kid in need, and Father Nate thinks he can be a good example for Jamie. Alex is a  20 years old college student with a part time job and he is gay; but he isn't the type to search for one night stands or to go cruising at the clubs, instead he would like a steady relationship and a simple and comfort life. Jamie is 18 years old and he thinks that sex means acceptance and belonging; he has not friends but only boyfriends, young guy like him with whom he shares sex and let the time pass without scope. But none of them means something to him, and he has still a dream, to find a boy only for him, someone to give his kisses, that he doesn't want to share with others.

When Alex sees Jamie, he immediately falls in love, but Alex can't be like all the other, he can't pretend to have sex with Jamie and at the same time convince the boy that he is more than a quick rub in an alley, that he can have a real life and a future in front of him. But maybe what Alex doesn't see is that Jamie needs someone that loves him more than a "big brother".

The story is not very long, little more than 100 pages, but it's very romantic. There is no real sex, but well, you don't miss it, since there is an erotic tension building all along the book that it's all the same satisfying. This is a very classic story, the bad boy that can be reformed by love. I like all I read, but I'd also like to read more: how happens to Jamie? will he see his dreams come true? how will be Jamie as an adult? And what will happen when Jamie needs to return to his day-to-day life, like college and work? when he can't be all the time with Jamie?  


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Paperback: 136 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace (August 26, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1440486247
ISBN-13: 978-1440486241

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