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Stranger on the Shore by Josh Lanyon

For once, I did know the mystery since the beginning (I'm not usually that good), even if I didn't know who was the culprit. But to me, that wasn't a spoiling of the enjoyment of reading the story, cause there were many points I deeply appreciated, two out of them, the love story and the setting.

The setting was faboulos, and considering I love that Gilded Age atmosphere, and I usually try to visit at least one of those villas each time I'm in the US, I was fascinated like Griff by the architecture, and I believe the description of the lives of who was lucky enough to grew up among those walls was spot on. And the there was Pierce, so handsome and aloof, but only at first glance, cause he is the one initiating the spark between Griff and him, and once fire took place, it's hot. The sex scenes, when happening, were at the same time erotic but classy, perfectly in character with the protagonists, and again, the setting.

I often say that, but I have to say it again, once you read a novel by Josh Lanyon you have the best of two worlds, the romance and the mystery/thriller.

Publisher: Carina Press (May 5, 2014)
Amazon Kindle: Stranger on the Shore

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