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Rainbow Awards pre-party and 8th anniversary (Day 27)

November 2014 marks the 8th anniversary since I opened my first journal on LJ, and the 6th anniversary of the Rainbow Awards and we will have again a 1 month long big bash party. 120 authors, all of them in the 2014 Rainbow Awards, have donated an ebook and I will use them for a Treasure Hunt. Every day, for all November, I will post 4 excerpts (a random page of the book). No reference to title, or author, or publisher. You have to match it with the book ;-) comment on the blog (do not leave anonymous comments, if you post as anonymous, leave a contact email (comments are screened)), you can comment 1 time for more matchings (you can even try for all 4 books if you like, so 4 chances to win every day). Until the end I will not say which matching is right, so you will have ALL month to try. No limit on how many books you can win, the more you try the better chance you have to win. End of November, among the right matchings, I will draw the winners. So now? let the game start!

If at the end of the treasure hunt there will be still unmatched excerpts the giveaway will go to the one who matched more books.

The books are:

A Hunted Man by Jaime Reese
A Kingdom Lost by Barbara Ann Wright
A Place for Cliff by Talon ps
A Special Kind of Folk by Barry Brennessel
About Face by VK Powell
Ancient House of Cards by Bryan T. Clark
Another Healing by M. Raiya
Antidote by Jack L. Pyke
Because of Jade by Lou Sylvre
Beloved Pilgrim by Christopher Hawthorne Moss
Better Than Friends by Lane Hayes
Bird of Paradise by G.J. Paterson
Bite of the Recluse by Azalea Moone & Anais Morgan
Bonds of Denial by Lynda Aicher
Brokenhearted by Cate Ashwood
Camellia by Caitlin Ricci & Cari Z.
Carnal Sacraments by Perry Brass
Caught! By JL Merrow
Chasing the Dragon by Kate Sherwood
Chip off the Ice Block Murder by Jessie Chandler
Clean Slate by Andrea Bramhall
Corruption by Eden Winters
Desire at Dawn by Fiona Zedde
Dirty Beautiful Words by Brooklyn Brayl
Dissonance by Shira Anthony
Dudek by Taylor James
Educating Simon by Robin Reardon
Fight by Kelly Wyre
Filthy Acquisitions by Edmond Manning
Firestorm by Rory Ni Coileain
Forever Hold His Peace by Rebecca Cohen
Forgive Us by Lynn Kelling
Fractured by Mickie B. Ashling
Freak Camp: Posts From a Previously Normal Girl by Jessica V. Barnett
FutureDyke by Lea Daley
Games Boys Play by Zoe X. Rider
Gathering Storm by Alexa Land
Gin & Jazz 1- 4 (4 novellas: Hollywood Bound, Razzle Dazzle, Tarnished Glitter and Starring Role) by Morticia Knight
Girls Don't Hit by Geonn Cannon
Great Pleasures by Edward Southgate
Greg Honey by Russ Gregory
Happy Independence Day by Michael Rupured
Hard Pressed by Sharon Maria Bidwell
Hell & High Water (THIRDS, Book #1) by Charlie Cochet
Highfell Grimoires by Langley Hyde
His Fair Lady by Kimberly Gardner
Hoaley Inexplicable by Declan Sands
How Still My Love by Diane Marina
Hungry for Love by Rick R. Reed
If I Die Before I Wake by Liz McMullen
If We Shadows by D.E. Atwood
Ink & Flowers by J.K. Pendragon
It's Like This by Anne O'Gleadra
Lab Rat's Love by Ana J. Phoenix
Lesbian Crushes at School: A Diary on Growing Up Gay in the Eighties by Natasha Holme
Let the Lover Be by Sheree L. Greer
Like Jazz by Heather Blackmore
Love and Salvage: Loving Emmett by Mathew Ortiz
Love Is A Stranger by John Wiltshire
Love You Forever by Amelia Bishop
Lovers and Liars by Paul Alan Fahey
Mark of Cain by Kate Sherwood
Masquerade by Joy Lynn Fielding
Measure of Peace by Caethes Faron
Mirage by Tia Fielding
More Than Everything by Cardeno C.
Motel. Pool. By Kim Fielding
Murder and the Hurdy Gurdy Girl by Kate McLachlan
Murder on the Mountain by Jamie Fessenden
My Brother's Lover by Lynn Kelling
Nightingale by Andrea Bramhall
No Angel by Clare London
Omorphi by C. Kennedy
On Archimedes Street by Jefferson Parrish
Paradise at Main and Elm by Barry Brennessel
Paris Connection by J.P. Bowie
Passage by Evey Brett
Pick Up the Pieces by Tinnean
Piper by Leona Carver
Rapture, Sins of the Sinners by Fran Heckrotte & A.C. Henley
Rarely Pure and Never Simple by Angel Martinez
Rasputin's Kiss by L.M. Somerton
Rest Home Runaways by Clifford Henderson
Resurrection Man by K.Z. Snow
Return of an Impetuous Pilot by Kate McLachlan
Rocky Mountain Freedom by Vivian Arend
Running Through A Dark Place by Michael J. Bowler
Saving Liam by DP Denman
Serpentine Walls by CJane Elliott
Shades of Sepia by Anne Barwell
Shameful Desires 3: Unbound by P.J. Proud
Shirewode by J Tullos Hennig
Silent by Sara Alva
Slide by Garrett Leigh
Something Like Spring by Jay Bell
Splinters by Thorny Sterling
Stitch by Eli Easton, Sue Brown, Jamie Fessenden & Kim Fielding
Summerville by H.L. Sudler
The 42nd Street Jerking-off Club by Mykola Dementiuk
The Calm Before by Neena Jaydon
The Dead Past by Kate Aaron
The Empath by Jody Klaire
The Engineered Throne by Megan Derr
The Family We Make by Kaje Harper
The Genealogy of Understanding by Daniel M. Jaffe
The House on Hancock Hill by Indra Vaughn
The Last Conception by Gabriel Constans
The Line by J.D. Horn
The Mating of Michael by Eli Easton
The Memory of Blood & Lotuses by E.E. Ottoman
The Opera House by Hans M. Hirschi
The River Within by Baxter Clare Trautman
The Seventh Pleiade by Andrew J. Peters
The Thief Taker by William Holden
This Is Not a Love Story by Suki Fleet
Tournament of Shadows by S.A. Meade
True Stories Too: People and Places From My Past by Felice Picano
Turnbull House by Jess Faraday
You're Always in the Last Place You Look by T.N. Gates
Zenith by Arshad Ahsanuddin

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Today excerpts are:


The crowd on Temple milled and murmured and glanced everywhere with questioning looks, making Ryan increasingly nervous. This many people, no direction, no focus, no one to lead them. That was a recipe for trouble.
Eyeing the restless teens apprehensively, Ryan stepped up to Jenny and Reyna. “Any word from Arthur?” he asked quietly, not wanting everyone to overhear their conversation.
Jenny shook her head. “I don’t have my phone. Reyna?”
The usually poised, cool and collected girl stiffly reached out a hand to Esteban. He understood her silent request and slipped his phone from the pocket of his leather pants. He pushed the side button and the screen lit up. Glancing quickly to see if there were any messages, he found none.
“No,” he told the sergeant, his deep voice cutting the uncertain air like a knife.
“Why did he leave with the paramedic?” Ryan asked in the standard detective voice he used when interrogating witnesses.
Jenny shrugged, still in shock over everything that had happened. “He said the man requested he accompany Lance’s body.”
Ryan frowned, creasing his craggy face even more. “That’s not standard procedure,” he announced, rubbing his chin absently with stubby fingers. “The boy was dead. He should’ve been taken by the coroner.”
He paused as Jenny, Reyna, Esteban and Chris all gazed at him uncertainly. “Whadda you think it means, Sergeant?” Esteban asked, since he seemed to be the only one in control of his emotions.
Ryan eyed the boy discerningly, a thoughtful expression on his face. “I don’t know. Can you call him?”
Esteban glanced over at Jenny, and she nodded, brushing wisps of blond hair away from her eyes.
Esteban speed-dialed Arthur and put the phone on speaker mode. They all heard three rings, and then Reyna’s voice came on: “You have reached King Arthur’s cell. He is unable––”
Esteban touched the ‘end’ button and eyed Ryan expectantly.
The sergeant looked worried, something that surprised all of them. “Something’s wrong,” he said.
“Call it a gut reaction. Would you be willing to give me his number? I can have our guys at headquarters triangulate on his phone, find out where he was taken.”
Esteban and Reyna exchanged a look, and then both turned to Jenny. Her brows furrowed with worry.
“Do you really think something could have happened to him?”
Ryan nodded, his face deadly serious. “Somebody just tried to kill the man, and failed. Then he gets mysteriously whisked away by a paramedic? Yeah, I do.”
Jenny shuddered with fear, nodding toward Esteban. He quickly recited Arthur’s number and Ryan typed it into his own phone. Then the sergeant swept his gaze over all of them.
“Move amongst these kids, will you? Calm ’em, keep ’em from getting out of hand. Assure ’em Arthur will be back soon. I’ll get on this trace.”
All three of them nodded, and even Chris agreed to help. Ryan nodded his thanks and turned back to where Gibson still stood beside Justin. Phone to his ear, the sergeant called Parker Center to start the trace on Arthur’s cell.
Jenny directed Reyna and Esteban in two different directions, asking them to alert the other team leaders to move amongst the throng in a calming, reassuring fashion. Then she took Chris’s hand and started off into the crowd.


“Who’s the lucky suitor?” Ilan asked. “And just what do you want to say with these flowers? Wink wink.”
Gareth looked around the flower shop. “It’s not exactly like that. I kind of need a favor. I want a bouquet of something that you’re going to throw away.”
“Ouch,” Ilan said. “I’d hate to be in this suitor’s shoes tonight.”
“It’s a long story. I’ll fill you in later. But, can you give me, like, a dozen wilted carnations and beat-up baby’s breath? Something like that?”
“Let me tell you a little secret. I can arrange the most artful vase of flowers you’ll ever imagine, and then I can turn around and put together the most revolting thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Something to make Morticia Addams smile.”
“Perfect,” Gareth said.
The stinging nettle from the alley behind the flower shop was the nicest touch, Gareth thought, as he drove up Seward Street.
Number 245 was a pretty ritzy Tudor. Nicely landscaped. A BMW in the drive. These people were not hurting for money, that was certain. Gareth parked his 1999 Civic across the street and instantly felt like a hick stumbling around a black tie dinner wearing only his stained T-shirt and torn jeans. He wondered how many neighbors were spying on him behind silk curtains and fancy wooden blinds as he walked up to the front porch and rang the doorbell.
After a minute, he heard the door lock turn. A really attractive woman in her forties scanned Gareth up and down. “Can I help you?”
Gareth’s heart was pounding and his palms were sweaty. For a few seconds he felt like this was the dumbest thing he’d ever done. But then he remembered Robert Andrew had cost him a job with his blowhard ways. “Hi. I’m from the Lakeview Resort, and I’m delivering this bouquet of flowers as a gesture of our regret that we didn’t serve Mr. Robert Andrew to the best of our ability.”
The woman’s eyes drifted from Gareth to the hideous bouquet then back up to Gareth’s forced smile. “Is this some kind of joke?”


They lay on the sofa for a long time, wrapped around each other. Felix felt an odd but delicious mix of desire and comfort. This was how it should be, he knew. Bryn had been right about that.
“It’s all about family, isn’t it?” Mickey’s voice was sleepy, sated.
“What is?”
“The way you care. The way you’re so...you know.” Mickey shifted, easing his shoulders to a more comfortable position. He glanced at Felix, his gaze heavy-lidded and intense. “The way you’re suddenly different.”
Why did people always say “you know”? Felix had no idea at all, though goose bumps rose on the back of his neck in anticipation. “I’m not different at all.”
“Well, no, not that different.” Mickey’s tone was amused as he ran his hand up and down the inside of Felix’s bare thigh. “And I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. Just that nowadays you seem to have other things on your mind.”
“On my mind?” Of course, that was another bloody annoying thing about people—when they didn’t know what to say, they just parroted back the question. Way to go, Felix.
Mickey’s lips grazed his temple. “You’re so determined to sort things out for Mr. D. Is it because you lost your parents, too? The same way you’re always so protective of Patrick.”
Felix didn’t know whether he was relieved Mickey wasn’t going to accuse him of bizarre conversations with a ghost, or defensive that Mickey was assessing his behaviour. And what did it matter, if Mickey were right?
“Maybe it is that,” he said softly.
“It’s great. It’s what I admire about you,” Mickey said. “Mum and Dad were never around much for me, always travelling.” His voice was more of a plea. “I want to be part of that, Felix. Be in your life. Be family for you.”
Felix shifted as well so he could look straight into Mickey’s face. Mickey’s usually perfect hair was mussed around the temples and there was a high, pink flush dotted across his cheeks. “Will you come to bed with me?”
Felix had already stood from the sofa, and was shaking the pins and needles from the arm he’d trapped under Mickey’s body. He pulled his jeans back up to his waist but didn’t refasten them. What was the point, after all? He hoped to be taking them off completely in a few more minutes. “Well, it’s hardly very comfortable here. And Pat could be home any time. And really...”
“Hey, I wasn’t asking for justification.” Mickey’s eyes did that heavy-lidded thing again. It made Felix feel really good, as if he was so sexy and tasty that Mickey could barely keep his eyes open from the strength of his desire. “I was just checking I hadn’t mis-heard. I daren’t get this wrong, Felix. I don’t want to mess things up by misunderstanding you.”
“Me? Am I really that difficult to understand?”
“Well, not too... Well, no.” Mickey shook his head, his smile rueful. He swung his legs over the seat of the sofa to the floor, ready to stand. Even half-dressed, he moved gracefully. “You make me feel nervous, you know? All the time. In an exciting, edgy way, that is. But I don’t know anyone who keeps me on my toes like you do.”
“It’s a good thing?” Felix didn’t know what else to say. Mickey was the most confident person he knew, and to be told that Felix shook him up was frankly astonishing.
Mickey stood, laughing. “Oh yeah, a bloody good thing! But it means I don’t want this to be a one-off thing, just for fun. I mean, I do want it to be fun, but you’re a serious guy, and you’ve always made it clear you won’t play around for the hell of it, and if I fuck this up—”
Felix leaned over and kissed him. He’d never heard such a stream of uncertainty from Mickey before, and—honestly?—he didn’t want it to continue. When they broke for air, Felix said quickly, “I know all that. It’s not a one-off for me. I’ve made a decision, Mickey. I won’t re-think it. And I don’t want to mess it up either.”
Mickey kissed back. They stumbled across the front room, still clutching each other, and Felix found himself jammed up against the door handle, on the way out to the hallway. “Hey.” He wriggled away from the door. “Go easy. I need my kidneys.”
“Love it.” Mickey nipped his earlobe. “Love the way you don’t take any crap from me.”
“Mickey.” Felix laughed, his skin tingling. His earlobe seemed directly connected to his groin. Who’d have thought he had so many previously unmapped erogenous zones? “It doesn’t mean I don’t like you.”
“’Course it doesn’t. I can tell that.” Mickey’s knee nudged almost painfully against Felix’s swollen dick. “And there are plenty of other, dirtier things I like about you.”
Felix started to laugh again, but Mickey’s voice was roughening. “Like that whimpering thing.”
“And the groan you gave just before you came. I never heard anything so needy. So sexy.”
Felix felt horribly, shockingly, ecstatically embarrassed. Was that just another line, or... “Mickey, please don’t—”
“Felix, what do you want me to say?” Mickey’s voice was shaky, his hands grasping. “I know a lot of chat, believe me, a lot of lines I can spin, to make you feel good. I just can’t think of any fucking one of them at the moment.”
“Oh no, that’s a good thing. A very good thing!” Felix smiled and couldn’t seem to stop. It was true. It was all true! He tugged Mickey’s hand, pulling him through the doorway to his bedroom. “That’ll do perfectly for me.”


Jan surprised the hell out of me by switching position and forcing me up against the wall.
“Fuck talking,” he hissed. “Security will be tossing themselves raw by the time I’ll be finished.”
Something had got him going despite having the cameras here. He’d hated the idea of them back when I’d been Dom training him at his home. I wish I knew what the fuck it was that had changed that tonight. The doors opened and Jan was suddenly away from me, tucking his shirt in and straightening his suit as though nothing had happened. Mine was dishevelled and I was left half manhandled up against the wall, watching him.
By the time we reached the waiting room outside the main hall, Jan had this butter wouldn’t melt over my need-to-be-fucked body look about him and I knew I was still staring, still trying to tame the roughing up his touch had left.
“Well go on, then, Jack,” said Jan, taking a seat and picking up a magazine, all nonchalant like. “Best not to keep the Masters waiting.” He even waved me on, casually.
Fifteen minutes. I made sure my shirt was tucked in. Yeah, fifteen minutes—ten if I could hurry it along and miss out a few hail Masters, I promise to be a good bloke.
Hand shaking a little, I pushed on through to the main conference hall.
All five Masters and Mistresses were seated at the head of the conference table in the main hall, and I stopped just short of the hardwood floor, removed my shoes and socks, then took my place on my knees in front of them. The pull on my trousers as I eased down did more to ease the Jan-ache in my cock.
Ten minutes. Five, if possible.
“Was there a problem with the lifts, Mr. Harrison?”
I let out a cough hearing Brennan. “No. Hmm. Apologies.” I forgot the “sir” on that and added it quickly.
“Hmm,” said Brennan. “Perhaps we need to have maintenance look at them as you’re nearly fifteen minutes late.”

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