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Time Out by Clare London

Oliver and Marc have a good relationship. Oliver is a very wealthy business man, favourite of media with his handsome features and his blond hair. But Marc has seen behind the appeareance, behind the sad eyes and asked to work specifically for Oliver, as security specialist. After some months together as employee and employer and also friends, Oliver and Marc became lovers and now, one year later, they seem quite happy.

For their first anniversary, Marc wants to give to Oliver a special present: one day as an anonymous man, without worries for press and work. Because, even if they live together, they have very few chances to be together and outside their apartment, they are always employee and emlpoyer and not a couple. Maybe for the first time Oliver realizes how much Marc changed his life to be with him, and questions himself if what he gives in return is enough.

This is a nap-size dream, a read of 40 pages thought to be read in a session. And it accomplishes its scope. Both characters are very nice and the relationship between them is very romantic and sexy. Even if it's a short story, there are also some nice supporting characters. Both main characters than one of the supporting character, Caleb, would deserve a longer story. I would see this one like a short sequel of a longer novel where the author tells us how Oliver and Marc met and how they became lovers.


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Tags: author: clare london, genre: contemporary, length: short story, review, theme: office affairs

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