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The William Neale Award for Best Gay Contemporary Romance

And the Rainbow Award goes to:

1. The Mating of Michael (Sex in Seattle Book 3) by Eli Easton
Paperback: 240 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (June 30, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1632160153
ISBN-13: 978-1632160157
Amazon: The Mating of Michael (Sex in Seattle Book 3)
Amazon Kindle: The Mating of Michael (Sex in Seattle Book 3)

This was a fantastically well written book. The plot unfolded naturally. Not once did anything feel forced or manipulated. The flow of it engaging the reader and drawing them deeper. The writing, honestly this is the type of writing that sends me to the bookstore (or more likely online because I can't wait that long) for the next book. It's engaging, enthralling, purely addicting. This was a book that had to be taken away so that I would remember to sleep.

This was just a joy to read. Characters who seemed so real that you’re vested in them early on. Excellent book.

Wonderful book all around. Gripping tale, endearing characters, well-rounded story and even a satisfying epilogue - What's not to love!

The book is very enjoyable, and the characters are what they are. This is like the 1930’s movie that’s got real star-power, but is boosted into the higher ranks by its character actors. Plot is sweet and lovely. The story of a polio-stricken writer of sci-fi, who’s fading in his profession, and a physical therapist/sex surrogate (!) goes exactly where an experienced reader of m/m fiction would expect.

I hate to give a perfect score to anything, because there's always room for improvement, right? But in this novel, I couldn't find anything to deduct for. The characters are so vivid and well-drawn, they feel like real people. The plot never lagged; it was enjoyable and intriguing right from the beginning, and the sexual tension was high. The characters deserved to find love, and they were perfect for each other. I couldn't help but root for them.

A captivating novel about two very interesting men. The writing was fun and enjoyable and I loved the way we got to see both the tough and the venerable sides of both men. James's polio was handled very well. The sex surrogacy was an interesting twist and handled very well as a healing method. It was good to see the difference from the way Michael treated that to the way he felt for James. Quite the wonderful happy ever after, too.

Runners Up:
2. Perfect Imperfections by Cardeno C.
3. (tie)
a. Last First Kiss by Diane Adams
b. Takedown by Cat Grant
4. Cub by Jeff Mann
5. Behind the Curtain by Amy Lane
6. Ethan in Gold by Amy Lane
7. The Last Thing He Needs by J.H. Knight
8. Message of Love by Jim Provenzano
9. Unbroken by Larry Benjamin
10. The Silence of the Stars by Kate McMurray

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