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Acrobat by Mary Calmes

The type of novel I found reading Acrobat isn't what I was expecting. From the cover, from the blurb, I was expecting a lot more drama, more angst, and instead, even when the story turns into a little bit of drama, it was always with a romantic/comedy tune that has never had me worried about the main characters.

Nate is a 45 years old English lit college professor, gay with a 27 years old son he had with his best girl friend from high school, best girl friend who is still a huge part of his life. While Nate doesn't value himself a lot, he is not a reclusive gay man pining for love, he has actually a string of former boyfriends, all of them potential Mr Right material, but none of them the Mr Right for him. Two of them, the last, former boyfriend, Duncan, a police detective, and the papable next one, Sean, a surgeon, are still in the picture, when hunky neighbor Andreo enters the frame too.

Nate, missing the father role now that his own son has gone to make his own independent life, has became a father figure for Michael, the teenager next door under the care of his young uncle, Dreo, 28 years old. Apparently Nate has never cared much for Dreo, but cares a lot for Michael. But one day, Dreo makes it clear that he is very much interested in Nate, and that he wants him to become a permanent asset in the family he makes with his nephew Michael.

Now while Dreo is indeed a imponent figure, compensating the age gap with his dominant attitude, I found a little strange that Nate was complaining he wasn't right for a relationship with 32 years old Sean, 5 years older than his own son, and then he basically doesn't make a flitch in being in a relationship with 28 years old Dreo, only 1 year older than his son. But sincerely, cute Nate, cause Nate, even if 35 years old is very much cute, was such a funny character that I didn't care much about the incongruence. Nate is like a women magnet, but not for sexual reasons, but as your best gay friend. Do you rememeber that movie with Julia Roberts and Rupert Everett? yes, Nate is like Rupert, perfect in every aspect, just not for a woman. But he is a perfect boyfriend for Dreo, a perfect father for Jared and now Michael, a perfect son in law for Dreo's parents, a perfect friend, a perfect colleague, a perfect teacher... Perfect! and while being so perfect may be boring, the author managed I don't know how to not let that happens, and indeed I loved Nate.

Paperback: 250 pages
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press (May 7, 2012)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1613725000
ISBN-13: 978-1613725009
Amazon: Acrobat
Amazon Kindle: Acrobat

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