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2015 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Love is Enough by Cindy Rizzo

Love is Enough by Cindy Rizzo
Lesbian Contemporary Romance
Paperback: 262 pages
Publisher: Cindy Rizzo (September 16, 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1501087681
ISBN-13: 978-1501087684
Amazon: Love is Enough
Amazon Kindle: Love is Enough

Angie Antonelli has the life she’s always dreamed of—a promising political career, a supportive family, and great friends. The one thing missing is what she always hoped she’d have by now, a committed relationship with the woman of her dreams. Jan Clifford has been taking a break from women while she figures out how to create a life that is more fulfilling than the country club set of her parents and her job in the family’s investment firm. When Angie and Jan are set up on a blind date, the chemistry is immediate, but each wonders if she can really fit into the other’s world. Can the politician who fights for the little guy make things work with the investment manager who was born with a silver spoon in her mouth? Before it has time to get very far, this new relationship will be put to the test. First, Angie must decide how she really feels when her first love suddenly comes back into her life. And then the worlds of politics and finance collide when Jan refuses to walk away from a business deal that threatens Angie’s re-election to a second term in Congress. Can this intense connection they feel keep Angie and Jan together? Only hopeless romantics believe that love is enough, right? Following on from the award-winning debut novel, Exception to the Rule, Cindy Rizzo again gives us a story that blends romance with the important issues of our time.

I really enjoyed this refreshing story about an Italian, out and proud lesbian Congresswoman meeting and falling in love with a rich, Ivy League, female Vice President of a financial firm. Love is Enough had all the markings of being your typical: opposites-attract, love-at-first-sight, love-conquers-all, true-love-after-major-heartbreak type of love story, but Mrs. Rizzo gave the story a fresh perspective by placing Angie and Jan's right in the middle of one of the most emotionally, mentally, and relationshippy (yes, it's a word for the purposes of this review) dangerous places in North America: Washington, D.C. The plot was engaging, humorous at certain points, romantic, sensual, and even educational. The author did a great job of describing the different settings, making the reader feel as if they were right there. The characters were all realistic and personable, tragically flawed and amazingly likable, not a Mary Sue in the bunch. Mrs. Rizzo's writing style was entertaining and brought the story to life. Even the few grammar mistakes could be overlooked in the midst of the engaging storyline. 

Overall, this is a nice romance.  I enjoyed the aspect of a political rising star and in investment banker falling in love and how that would work out.

Definitely in the upper ranges. Very vivid descriptions. Really, Characters were perfectly drawn, each and every one of them. Not a single black-and white cookie cutter character, they were all layered, well wrought, with flaws and strenghths. Their growth over the course of the story was relatable and engrossing, and I think I fell in love a little bit with Jan and Angie both. Well-written, smooth, abundant with fact without ever resorting to info-dump. A very enjoyable read.

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