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Rhianon Etzweiler (born February 20)

Rhi's formative years were spent steeped in military culture, and it influences every story--with a definitive twist. Though focusing mainly on science fiction and fantasy, Rhi enjoys spicing things up with a speculative mixture that sometimes defies an easy label. Next to Elizabeth Moon and Meredith Ann Pierce, Rhi counts Jane's Defense and Popular Science among still-strong influences.

For Rhi, writing is how the muses tell their stories. They might begin small but they rarely remain so. "Some of them require luring or bribery to draw them out. Usually wine and chocolate work well. Other times all it takes is a little art. But once they realize I'm listening, they will just keep going."

Dark Edge of Honor, co-authored with Aleksandr Voinov, won a 2011 Rainbow Award as Best Gay Sci-fi / Futuristic.

Further Readings:

Dark Edge of Honor by Aleksandr Voinov & Rhianon Etzweiler
Publisher: Carina Press (August 15, 2011)
Amazon Kindle: Dark Edge of Honor

Sergei Stolkov is a faithful officer, though his deepest desires go against the Doctrine. A captain with the invading Coalition forces, he believes that self-sacrifice is the most heroic act and his own needs are only valid if they serve the state.
Mike, an operative planted within Cirokko's rebels, has been ordered to seduce Sergei and pry from him the Coalition's military secrets. His mission is a success, but as he captures Sergei's heart, Mike is tempted by his own charade and falls in love.

When the hostile natives of the planet Cirokko make their move, all seems lost. Can Mike and Sergei survive when the Coalition's internal affairs division takes an interest in what happened in the dusty mountains of Zasidka Pass…?

More Rainbow Awards at my website: www.elisarolle.com/, Rainbow Awards/2011

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