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What's in a Name? by Pat Henshaw

Not sure why this story pickedd my interest, it was probably the description of "Guy", the bartender who basically rescues and beds Jimmy without revealing much of himself, if not he is for sure a better guy that the manys Jimmy met before.

Guy seems to not ask much and instead gives a lot. He is safe and strong without being domineering, he is kind and gentle without losing masculinity, he is, in one word, my dream man. And apparently also Jimmy's dream.

If I have to find an irk with the story is that, for how much money Guy's family may have accumulated in the years, I don't think it's likely Guy may afford a Ferrari, that even second-hand, I think it's a more than 300.000 $ car. Sure Guy's character is well-established, with his own property, but he is in any case a local shop owner, a Ferrary was out of character.

Said that, I loved Guy (without the Ferrari :-) ) and he is the main reason why this novel was so good. And by the way, I understood which was Guy's real name way before Jimmy, probably at the first hint Guy gave him, and it was funny to see how instead Jimmy was without a clue.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press; 1 edition (January 21, 2015)
Amazon Kindle: What's in a Name?

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